RIP Gabe the Dog

He borked at me when no other doggo would.

Gabe the Dog died on the 19th.

His owner posted this:

Gabe the Dog
Yesterday at 05:18 ·
It is with condolences that I must tell you Gabe passed away yesterday morning. He had been struggling with his heart for quite some time, and it very suddenly became worse. He went peacefully, being loved with his family with a smile on his face.
All things considered, Gabe had a good run. He was already pushing his senior years when we picked him up from the shelter, but still blessed us with six years of loving, dancing and borking. His borks never slowed down until his very last day!
Not only was Gabe a wonderful part of our family - his entertainment career was greater than I ever could have dreamed of. Something that started as a joke for my friends quickly became a global sensation, going as far as national TV in Japan! It really meant a lot to our family to see the joy he spread to everyone. We feel we made a positive effect on the world by sharing Gabe’s smile with everyone.
And with that, I thank you. You, the content creators, the fans leaving comments, sharing his pictures and spreading the message, made Gabe into something very special that won’t be forgotten. Gabe may have crossed the rainbow bridge but his joy remains with all of us.
Sleep tight, pupper!


He will be remembered.



Rest in Peace, Pupper



I blame George Bush!

Rest in Peace, Gabe. You, along with your memes, will be remembered forevermore.


I loved Gabe so much, He was so cute. R.I.P :’(

Trumps first assassination…
And they made it look natural too.
We must avenge Gabe.