Minecraft Username: RiftStudios

Date of Ban: 03-09-2019

Banned by: QueenMayhem

Reason for Ban: Allegedly Stole Sugar Cane

Reason to be Unbanned: I don’t remember doing this act. If I did accidentally, I apologize and wouldn’t have purposefully stole anyone’s items. Also the ban was set on a date after I last played on the server. I last played in August, yet I was banned in September. I also think that, even if I did somehow accidentally steal somebody’s sugar cane, a permanent ban is a really harsh punishment for a minor offence, which should really be charged for bigger crimes, such as vandalism or bullying/harassment.

Previous appeals: I have never been banned before.

I came on after a small period of absence cause uni is hell to find someone had broken my crop of sugar cane base and all. It was probably about 10 plants of it so to be fair it wasn’t that major however you can’t just go around stealing people’s crops. If you just broke of the top or replanted I wouldn’t have cared one ounce.

Knowing it isn’t that bad I’m willing to unban you and let you off with a warning. Don’t do it again and make sure you’ve read all the server rules before you get back on.