Hey guys. So I’m starting a revolution against Farcoast to bring some excitement to the server. I have no hatred against Meta or anything. I just think It’ll be fun :P. I will be constantly updating this thread and filling you guys in on whats going on. So far I haven’t came up with a name to call ourselves so ill let who ever joins the revolt decide upon that. There will not be ranks in our revolutionary guild. Instead we will be a brotherhood. Meaning everyone has equal power. So far Sacred, Hard, Brodur, Dragon, and Saintnizair have said they would join the cause. If this is correct post a reply below stating that its true. If you would like to Join the cause post a reply stating that you do. War against the Farcoast will commence on Saturday the 19th meaning anyone caught on our boundaries is immediately KOS. If you would like to join I offer supplies, armor, weapons, and a place for you to stay if you dont already have one. Join the Revolution… Join our Brotherhood.

It sucks MC has such a shit PVP system, stuff like this might actually be fun

I didn’t agree to war lol Idk I’ll think about it though…

I never said I would join, I am the original Revolutionist!

As stated in the other thread, as the Last Hylian Knight, im up for hire as of now.