Revive and Rework PCB Pixelmon

I’ve been getting back into Pixelmon as of recently and have visited a few servers that have me thinking we should revive the server and do things differently so that we don’t prolong the start of something that has inactive builders.

Previously, the idea of this server was of to make it like a real pokemon RPG (strictly adventure with no building permissions until completing all staff/player gyms) where you go town to town, battle gyms and such, and upon collecting all badges giving players the opportunity to be allowed building permissions. After seeing how some other servers function themselves with communities near the size of our own, I don’t think it would work to continue building an abundance of cities and towns and then release the server to the public. We could keep what we have and finish cities that are already started in addition to creating more mini-dungeons for specific spawns, but besides that I think we should just go to basic survival/adventure (where you dont have to refill hunger and such, or need to worry about your inventory being wiped if you die) instead. Seeing as how our main survival is a bit dead, doing this could perhaps bring in the crowd of players who are survival oriented looking for something extra and of course pokemon enthusiasts too. Only thing I’m slightly unsure about is resources. Since the current map we are using uses rather large biomes it could be difficult for players to gather resources and it also might deteriorate some landscapes that were carefully made. If anyone has any suggestions on how we can perhaps resolve this issue that could be discussed in the comments.

As for gyms and such, we can still have those. There are so many gym badges available so having a system perhaps where players must defeat X amount of Staff/NPC gym leaders AND have their own town/city may grant them the ability to become a Player leader and choose from a variety of gym badges to make their own would be a great way to engage friendly competition.

The following are some plugins I would recommend this time around too (If anyone has additions or arguments, please discuss):
Wonder Trade
Global Trade Station (GTS)
Pokemon Extras
Another Gym Plugin

This is all I have to offer for now to get the conversation going on this, What do you guys think? Is it worth investing some time into this and getting this back and running again? Thoughts on permissions per rank and such? Proceed to discuss

The last time i saw anything about pixelmon, i had never even looked at a pokemon game, and couldnt have cared less. But then i got into pokemon, and i am very into pokemon, this sounds awesome to me, and I would be very willing to help.

First of all, I think we should have the 8 staff made gyms, and the badge collecting, but also people can go and make their own towns and gyms, and not have to beat them all first. If we just did a normal survival world with a pokemon twist, i think it would still work well.

I disagree. Say this goes REALLY well and A LOT of people get into this. This makes everyone feel that they are entitled to being their own gym leader. Even though there are so many badges, immediate staff that helped contribute the most to the server should get first picks at their gyms and types and such. People can make their own towns and establishments if they want to, but only town/city owners would get 2nd picks/entitlement to badges and gym types upon completion of staff gyms.

We could maybe do NPC gyms in addition to Staff Gyms that would give the same badge as a staff member in the event that a staff leader is inactive, NPC leaders though would have slightly more difficulty though to compensate player’s journey to collecting the main 8 badges. Meaning, staff leaders can choose a leader assistant (NPC) and it can be a completely team too.

Yeah that all sounds like it would work, players join, fight staff chosen NPC’s or the staff themselves in gyms, and can go make their own stuff at any point, sounds awesome. What are the other things that are needed for this to happen, because reading all of this makes me super hyped, and i wanna help best i can.

One thing I’ll just mention is I do have a backup of the map stored on my laptop. Sadly I do believe it’s only the backup from when I first tried to bring it back, so… there will probably be a fair amount not there. And by that I mean progress on some towns will be lost. I don’t believe we have a backup of what we last worked on since that server crashed and I believe lost all of its data (if I remember correctly).

The other thing worth mentioning is that the map was made with world painter, and with that resources cannot be found by digging around on that terrain. One solution to that is to just make a whole other world for resources and keep the one we’ve worked on as a story mode thing. Gyms could have NPCs and this would allow players to be able collect badges and level their Pokemon. Meanwhile you could use that resource world as a way to have gyms for staff/players to be gym leaders.

Also, no I am not dead.

Yea a resource world might just be the way to go, I mean our custom world is pretty unique no sense in putting that to waste. Even if some data is lost and least we have a start to something

We have ideas, are we doing anything about them? Seems to me like we can start on it.

Well, @Sacreddeathflame are we 100% sure the most recent backup is on your end? Is there a chance @Shadowmeire628 might have it? I could message him and see. Also, who runs the server? Or, if there’s a way somehow I could do that by all means let me know how to. I am running a mac if that makes any difference

@PrinceMark The only people if I’m remembering correctly who had access to the server was myself, Crass, John, and Kyle8910. And since I was the one updating the server and putting everything on there, I do believe I’m the only one with a copy of it. I could be wrong however, you can ask Shadow if he has one, but I don’t remember him having access to the server backend.

The server that it was hosted on was split with the FTB one, which John had purchased for the time. I do believe he has stopped paying for it now… would have to ask him. (So we don’t have a server to host pixelmon.)

Essentially, would need a server, then would have to update the map to the most recent Pixelmon Version, install Sponge (this allows for plugins to be used on a Modded Minecraft server), and then install said plugins wanted, then finish building towns.

I haven’t had much time on my hands to look into getting the map up to date, or even look at it for that matter.

One big thing I want to know though is, how interested are people in willing to help get this project accomplished? So far I only really just see you and Callum. I really would not want to invest time into this if there is only a tiny amount of people interested in helping making this a reality. Sorry to put that so very bluntly, but every time since the amount of people who were building was so small, it never worked out.

Put something in the announcements? Make a big thread, advertising the comeback, asking for as many helpers as we can get. I can also ask around in game too.

Does Pixelmon work with Bukkit/Spigot plugins by any chance? If it does you could also consider using PCBridge to unify bans

@_andy Sponge uses its own API, so they can’t be run on the server. So ban linkage could be an issue.

Taken from their FAQ:

Can I run Bukkit Plugins with this? Sadly no, not natively. Sponge is using its own API (Sponge API), while Bukkit is using the Bukkit API. However there is the possibility that a third-party plugin for Sponge implements the Bukkit API on top of Sponge API.

It has been a while though so there could be a possibility that someone has made a third-party plugin and they haven’t updated their FAQ.

Here’s a link to their FAQ:

So… sorry to bump but… well I’m just gonna drop this link down below.

So yeah, pixelmon is kinda dead now =/

Holy shit, what poor timing. What’s gonna become of all current Pixelmon servers? I mean, it’s just the development of further updates in Pixelmon right, not like ALL servers are getting shut down, right?

I don’t believe they’re getting shut down, but you are unable to actually download the the mod anymore from the main site and there are no further updates going to be given to Pixelmon. I doubt people will just want to play with what’s been made for forever, eventually people will have to move on. It’s quite a sad site to see…