YO! i know that i haven’t been back for long, but im planning on staying back for a while.

While im back, i figured i would do what i do best as a Senior Op, and run some mini Games.

First one to come back will be my infamous Mob Gauntlet.

For those of you who do not know, Mob Gauntlet, or MG for short, is where we test your mob killing skills in an arena of doom. This Mini Game will be played on Wends and Thursday nights at 5 pm EST

I will spawn in an assortment of Mobs that you would not normally see paired together.
5 Rounds of killing a random assortment of Enemies, one mini boss and one final challenge on round three being the Wither Boss.

Mob Drops are to be kept by the contestants for future use in Survival.

You may bring up to 4 people in a team to kill mobs, but i warn you, the more people that join, the harder it will become.
The team that wins the MG will get a randomly select piece of Armor or Weapons enchanted and prize money.
Follow up teams will win an enchanted item of my choosing as a participation prize.

Please bring your best armor and weapons!
And remember! you can play to win by any means neccesary, including TNT and other blocks!

Good Luck to all!
Go to /Warp MG to see the new arena, or /warp MGENT to walk inside the new arena!
Happy fighting survivalist!


I was a guinea pig and can confirm:

it’s gud