Restart FB page

Is it maybe a good idea to restart the Facebook page of PCB which can Include also news, updates and events?
and screenshots of the buildings

if needed I can help


It used to be just me and Goof that ran it, but Goof went AWOL, and I tend to forget about it. I need to discuss it with staff really, decide who can be added as admins of the page/what will be posted etc.

Can we also update the screenshots. I don’t think the current ones do us justice :stuck_out_tongue:

I could add you as an Admin on there if I knew your facebook Andy, same for any other staff.

Do it. I’ll get some screenshots up.

Any of the images on here
or here are fine

For Ouhai: Facebooks Post

Why would I need that?

You asked for staff members FB’s

I did?

You deleted it from here and deleted posts then… It WAS here.

No I never asked for staff FB’s…

I can help run it since I am on facebook quite often.

Seems like this one started off with work done but became abandoned.

Since no work has been done since mid-July I will be calling this suggestion denied.