respect down

This is Now the second time that my respect was decreased by someone.

Score now +33 to -14 to +8 to -21

prob it is soldierhero AGAIN

I know some don’t think much of respect but for me it is Important to know how people feel about me

I just checked around I have -1 respect on ALL my posts

Have a +1 for now, we’ll get around to fixing it as soon as someone who knows how to fix it sees this.

ty for the +1 =)

As I pointed out in another thread:

Respect may not mean much to most, but abuse of the system is not acceptable. It’s down right childish if its just because you dislike someone/something that has been said.

I removed their votes against you. It was the same person both times and it looks like it was more than 60 times. It wasn’t soldierhero fyi.

If the person who did that (and I know who it was) is reading this, consider this a warning.

it is +62 that is way to high O.o I do not want to earn them unfairly if it could be changed back to 30 i’d be very happy =)

Nobody ever pays me in respect.

I expect the extra 30 is due to people up-voting on other posts as an attempt at a temporary fix.

May I interject?

Can we just remove the respect from the side info? I honestly find it worse than post count. We can already vote up and down players posts to show if we like it or not, but showcasing it as the amount of respect someone has is trivial to me.

Removing it will also prevent situations like this from ever happening again.


D: lame! As superfluous as it was I did enjoy it. It was motive to know what people thought of you, and was kinda a reminder to how well your doing on the forum.

. Thanks. You’ve killed my respect altogether =P

It’s just a number :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe the number is still there, just not visible when you post. It is on your profile.

… guise, I was joking. I like giving Nek a hard time every now and then =P


nice, shall i unarchive you? are you back for good? XD

Bah humbug…

Thats it…

Stop reading this post now

I know you’re joking (for the record, it didn’t give me a hard time at all but that just might be another one of your jabs at me) but I’d just like to respond to your reasons so others may understand in case the question pops up again.

It honestly didn’t do anything. It isn’t an accurate way to determine how much respect you have or how well you’re doing on the forums. I could easily go through and downvote posts I find to be unnecessary, trivial, or just unhelpful and a vast majority of people here would go into the negatives for respect. That doesn’t mean I find someone to be undeserving of respect, it would mean I just didn’t like or care for a large amount of posts they made.

If I couldn’t get it removed, I’d just turn it into a completely positive thing. No down voting at all. But then again, people would abuse that too just to show how ‘positive’ they are in the community. So all in all, I find it in the best interest of the community to not have it at all.

This thread has been resolved and therefor no further commenting is required.