As i was helping andy Plant trees around the area and i noticed that resources are bare (apart from trees atm :P)

I was thinking

we could make a rank were the person holding that rank would serach the map an add resources I.e trees/flowers/fix half destoryed hills etc and add pumpkins an other natural resources as an were that person sees fit (with guidence from admin/ops)

This would take some time off the admin an opps so they can do more important jobs

Dont take this in the wrong way but i wouldnt mind doing this might get a few others wanting to help along the way

The rank would need either admin/op online to give the person what they need I.e tree/flowers etc or the rank could have permission to use the give command so they can give themselfs what they need

just a thought.

Great server an i just want to help :slight_smile:


could make a poll an see how many think this is a good idea?

This reminds me greatly of the Easter bunny. Would that be the name of the rank? It is probably a good idea for this person to also fill in materials in caves a bit too. At least coal near the surface.

Paradise falls had a town mine which could be maintained in such a way. There may even be a command I don’t know about that can generate a new cave system. Is it possible?

Either way, I like this idea. Give is probably too powerful, but perhaps we can make an infinite material spawner (or several) for that rank only.

Well. The Idea for a rank that can spawn things is not a good idea. on a very old sever of mine they had that. and it was abused so much. its not a good idea. Our best bet would be to allow ops/admins/sop’s to spawn things like coal ore, iron ore, redstone ore, and possible diamond ore.

Another thing. two commands i thinks op should use are
as those would allow us tom make pumpkins and trees. and from what i saw on the map. theres no Pumpkins ANYWHERE on there.

Ah well the rank could be give to trusted players. but i didnt know u could do the chest idea maybe thats the best bet then saves it getting abused an well if andys on an i find the cave ill ask him see what he thinks to the cave being managed in such a way

but like you say give com,and would get abused so chests maybe better

and i noticed the thing about pumpkins when i was replacing the tree tbh thats what gave me the idea .

so maybe the chests an then lock them only to that rank, just need a place to have them chests then and the ok ofc :slight_smile:

easterbunny lol , so if you get this rank do people have to change there skins to bunnys? :slight_smile:

I disagree with the allowance of a specific rank to gain items by their own will. Only SOP has the capability to do that. Also, I have a bunch of pumpkins that is found on TOP OF A MOUNTAIN. You guys just need to find it. xD

But, it’s a good idea that they can get items from chests which are not normally available to other ranks. The chest could be filled with decorative stuff, such as flowers and pumpkin, but I don’t allow them to gain ores. Easily abusable.

i agree, but the ore idear could be abused but if the rank was givin to a trusted
player then it shouldn’t get abused. (sorry about spellin using on screen keyboard as my ps2 port pins are bent an broken :frowning: )

Shane, Kyle, Andy, and I just recently explored a cave that was a 5 minute walk from Spawn, and it was filled with all sorts of resources.

I don’t think we need someone to fill areas with more resources. It could very easily be abused and I doubt the Senior Op’s and Admins would like to spend their time doing that.

Right now, we have 1 Senior Op and 3 Admins with a bunch of Server Op’s I can’t count on my fingers. Now, it’s not that I don’t trust any specific person, it’s that I don’t trust all of them with that kind of responsibility. It’s happened before where an operator we trusted gave out items because he thought it was okay.

Well i guess that idea was flushed down the pan :stuck_out_tongue:

I still think this will become an issue eventually. My private mine is somewhat far from spawn, so it has few if any visitors. That community mine is the only one I think should be “supplied” with raw materials. I would be willing to help hide materials in it. Just the basics like coal is really needed.

Anyway, it’s food for thought.

Resources Like Minerals we have alot of. But i mean things like pumpkins. we dont have any of those lol

I will contribute smooth stone for hiding materials in the community mine.

I do agree that such a privilege could/would be too easily abused.