Resignation to PCB

Welp, school is starting back up again and I will be very busy, so much of you wont see me anymore. Probs going from 4 hours a day to 20 mins, so I may be forgotten by some. I will check in on weekends for longer, but most of my gaming time will be school. Sam, expect to see me only on weekends. Overall, I will be forced to slow building projects, so I can forget any Olympics for a while. I will give Andre control of Parkton (if you know where) and Sam control themepark. I love the community and I love the staff, but I thought I might give a formal resognation to PCB (Well, the CaptainGalv u know will not be the same) and I’m not giving up on PCB. Never would I do that.

Cya soon

See you soon!

[size=8pt]VERY soon

I hope your school year starts smoothly, Galvinator. I have school beginning at September 6th, but I think I will still be online at the same pace as I am currently doing now.

Hope school goes great and don’t worry you won’t be forgotten. Cya when you get back!

Hope you do well in school! Cya on weekends! :slight_smile:

There is always the holidays too for extra time cya soon

Thanks all!

hope to see you soon!
(sry for late response)