Reset Transfers (BigCity)

If you reckon a build you have made fits into BigCity, please do not hesitate to drop me a line in game / send me a mail / post here.
Please include coordinates to the build/s so it’s easier for me to find them.

East-West x North-South
Example: 50 east-west x 50 north-south

Haiti National Palace
The area of the building (including the field around it) is 100x154. It may be too big to fit anywhere.

Coordinates (/warp Lunden):
X: 5191 Y: 80 Z: -4909

11551 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA (Apartment Building)
The area of the building (including the nearby parking lot and garbage lot) is 46x89.

X: 301 Y: 69 Z: 9249


A 6 gate airport situated in the outskirts of avalon, 5 of the gates have an airplane. The airport is 100% the terminal is 100% done but no landing strip for the airport yet.
You can get the airplanes and the terminal or just the terminal.

Coordinates (/warp avalon)

-396 72 -9278

An Unnamed University

Coords: 9740 95 -6600

Dunno if it would fit the scale

/warp hogwarts

High school in portland that fits most of the requirements Coords: X 7205 Y 85 Z -5168

The WinterHound
11562 77 -7851
/warp UnitedIslands

p.s these verification things are very hard. I think I may be a computer…

the yachts in /warp monaco can be used