Requesting Naming Help!

I’m working on a project and I require names for islands based on clans that inhabit them. There are 10 islands, each of them based around a pair from a list of 5 elements (earth, air, fire, water, metal). I’d like the names to sound fantasy-ish. Don’t give me crap like “Forest Land” or “Fire Land”. That’s boring and unimaginative.

Here’s the list of islands with a description:
earth/air - mountain folk
fire/earth - hawaiian-style tribal
water/earth - magical grotto
earth/metal - cave dwellers
fire/air - mongolian tribal/warriors
water/air - seafarers: sailors, fishers, etc
metal/air - steampunk
fire/water - unstable, previous civil war, working to rebuild civilization
metal/fire - smithery and industry
metal/water - alchemy

Feel free to accompany your names with little histories/backstories. Those are helpful, but not needed.

oops xD

the name i have in mind is Clockwork Isle ( get it, Clockwork = steampunk :wink:

For the water/air one a name a recommend is Kaimana which means “power of the sea” in Hawaiian. Or the other name I recommend is Kainalu which means “ocean that blows.”

I like both of these. Initially I was thinking more of a northern vibe, so we were using Sjor (Icelandic for sea), but I’ll pitch these two names to my collaborators and see what they think.

Sounds great! =D

I’d like to be a contributor of the Alchemy Island, if you want me lol. Now off to give a answer to your request eh?

The Name for the Alchemy Island I suggest is, Rasasastra Dveep, no it’s not a random name lol, Rasasastra is the Sanskrit word for “Alchemy” and Dveep is Hindi for “Island”.

I’m feeling creative, here’s a shot at a background story

  In the 6th Century, an Indian alchemist sets sail for the fabled Rasasastra Dveep the place where the ગોલ્ડન પેલેસ (The Palace of Gold) is said to be built. According to some, the ગોલ્ડન પેલેસ cures any who walks through its marble and diamond floors of disease, pain, and injury. The Palace is also said to be the place of which the Cintamani resides, the Jewel desired by all, the Jewel known as the Philosopher's Stone, a Jewel that transforms any thing to solid gold and renders the owner invincible and immortal. (End of Backstory) So the alchemists find the Island and are surprised to see it is bustling village with much more knowledgable alchemists, theorists, and scientists. The alchemist wanders around in the village and soon makes some friends, he then starts a school of alchemy for young students. The alchemist impresses the Maharaja (The King) and is invited to the Palace where he gets selected to train with the 3 Knowledgable Alchemists in the universe.... 

I might pick the story up later but now I’m off to sleep.


For the metal/air, maybe Metalworks or Heavymetal

For the fire/air, maybe Agnidev Adan Island, which means The little fire god in Indian and Irish.

That’s all I could think of :stuck_out_tongue: