Request for W/E

Hey guys!

As some of you may know i build most my projects in Big City, including my most recent, a shopping centre. Its a huge project which some of you guys may have seen but i need lots of help with it due to the size. To save everyone hassle i think it would be easier for me to have W/E in bigcity. I have had access to world edit when i was mod so i know how it works and how not the crash the server. Octo taught me how to use it at the time and i can prove i know how to use it if needed. I have been on the server easy over a year now and feel i can be trusted with such a responsibility as world edit. If anyone has any problems or questions please just ask :slight_smile:


I’m not saying that you don’t know how to use world edit, or that we don’t trust you, but lately I have been feeling that World Edit might be given out a bit too easily. If we give a plethora of members world edit, then everyone might want it. Im fine with you getting world edit if it comes to that case, but we all need to remember that world edit should be limited. Lately a lot of people have been asking for world edit. But, actually giving world edit perms to quite alot of people doesnt necessarily mean its good. If we gave world edit to every member on this server, the server would lag much more often. We need to establish world edit guidelines eventually. Im fine with helping people from time to time, but I have been asked by members to clear up a 10 x 10 area… and much smaller. also been having members ask me to clear up land nearly spanning across the map. People need to understand the logics of world edit. It can easily crash the server. One wrong move and you can corrupt the chunk or ruin your area/build. Im pretty sure spec handed out world edit for different reasons than what they are currently being used on now.

I for one do not want worldedit for myself not only do I not deserve it but I also don’t have a use for it. I am all for josh getting worldedit if he is helping out other people besides himself… :-\

My feelings is that W/E should definitely NEVER go to a member. Trusted, a very, very rare case maybe. Also, I feel that no non-staff should be given access to W/E in Creative, no matter what.

Even in big city, it is very easy to crash the server, even with the smallest of moves.

Not that I don’t trust you (You were a mod, I trust ya!) but if YOU get W/E, then it isn’t necessarily fair to anyone else who may want it as well. We don’t need fighting like that over a luxury.

I just don’t want to apply for mod just so i can use W/E becuase thats not what being staff is all about. Also i am not the first member/trusted/donator with W/E. And ofc i would help others if i was allowed it. Also i 100% understand what you mean by if he gets it she gets it, maybe you should have to apply, like with mod but for w/e insted?

I, for one, don’t want W/E, and I’d be completely open to Josh getting it if it weren’t for what Zak said. That kinda sums it up.

If a random trusted player wants W/E, and you say “I can help,” they’re gonna wonder why and apply, don’t you think? I understand it’s been given out before, but maybe it’s a bit different now. It’s been a year since I joined, and I can’t remember any time someone’s been given it before staff status. Quite a long time.

Its hard to call from my POV since I know Josh very well, even from speaking to him on TS. But then again, its down to the fairness of other trusted members and donators. But then again, Josh has been a staff member in the past and I have seen his expertise in W.E.

I have acquired staff status before now, and @The_Jacob has W/E in big city, he is a donator. Thank you for being open to me getting it though :slight_smile: . And like i said i don’t want to have to apply for staff for me to be able to use W/E on my favourite server because that wouldn’t be right, staff are suppose to do alot more than that and my heart wouldn’t be in it. Can’t there be a builders rank like in classic for those who are trusted with W/E. Like for me there is no way for me to advance in the PCB ranks without me becoming staff, which at the moment i feel i am not ready for again after last time. I understand it has to be fair but is there no way of having maybe a higher trusted rank, an invisible one that comes under trusted?

I’m sorry but in my opinion you shouldn’t have W/E, as Zak said its not that we don’t trust you or that you don’t know how to use it, is just that if we gave it to you, a lot of other members will ask for it too, and, in my opinion it wouldn’t be fair to them.

I agree with the general consensus that non-staff (and not even all staff) should have W/E.

That being said, several people brought up the issue of W/E lagging the server. Is there any way to throttle W/E so that operations take longer but have less of an impact on the server, or perhaps a global “queue” of sorts so that operations occur asynchronously, hence reducing server load?

Just trying to make the luxuries of W/E a bit more affordable in terms of server load.

I agree with everyone els. Personally I dont feel like most OP’s should have w/e. BUT considering that the only staff that has answered your question are only Operators (Operators dont have the option to W/E users) brings up the valid point that its not our decision in the first place. You do still have a chance of obtaining w/e but this is clearly a SOP+ call.

I don’t have W/E and in all honesty we shouldn’t need it only SOP+ should have it

Time to hear from the masters of PCBeeeeeeeee… MOO!

Imo, only staff should have world edit.

Was putting of commenting on this, but no-one appears to share my sympathy, so;

I believe if you’re competent at WE (meaning you can accurately utilise it with a low fail-rate) I believe you should be granted access to it, given you need it/would make good use of it. As for other members not getting WE when another does, so fucking what? That’s like saying it’s unfair for me to receive an A on a test if some dumb shit gets a D.

Assuming a member is granted access to WE, this exemplary person has demonstrated exceptional and stellar ability to be trusted to use this tool. The chance of a fuck-up is ALWAYS present and errors are usually rando, but arguing that a trustworthy member can’t have it on that ground is ludicrous considering we have no data to support that below-staff ranks cause more errors than a staff member with powers. In fact ALL errors to date have been a direct result of staff using WE (see what I mean by shit data?).

Long story short, If one (exemplary) member got it, tough shit for everyone else. Yes there’s a risk, but it’s equal chances for everyone with WE. I personally don’t care if the consensus is that WE isn’t passed around, but that’s just the way I see it.

EDIT: The lag argument is just stupid. The only things that would cause server lag are huge selections which rarely occur, and the lag brought on by large operations is always short-lived so it’s ‘acute’ not ‘chronic’

I taught josh worldedit, and he managed to make a huge shopping centre in big city without fucking up. I would say he is extremely capable at using it.

Taps microphone Is this- is this thing on? Oh, it is.


I don’t see any problem with giving Trusted players World Edit within Big City, anywhere else I would say no straight away. However, you would have to deem yourself knowledgeable of World Edit to attain it. Anyone can make mistakes with it, quite easily to. However, we don’t want you making plenty of mistakes within quick succession which could potentially make things worse for everyone else, that and we don’t want you destroying everything.

If given to you, and you start abusing it or you majorly screw up it will be taken away from you and further measures could be taken. I just want to make this point clear.

Since you’re only asking for it in Big City and your intention is to build with World Edit, I don’t see why you shouldn’t be given the chance to have it. You’re basically asking for a chainsaw to cut down a tree, rather than using a rusty old hatchet.

This wouldn’t be fair towards those who are unable to attain a staff rank or do not feel that they want to become staff, yet are talented individuals at building. If someone knows how to use World Edit well and it will help them develop buildings and hone their skills we shouldn’t be holding them back. Big City is lacking buildings, and the more people who want to contribute building that can use these tools to help create amazing buildings quicker, should be able to have a shot at the very least to use them.

I feel that players shouldn’t have to become staff in order to gain access to World Edit, that in all means sounds stupid and selfish (I’m not calling anyone stupid or selfish, just the idea of making it just staff). This is Project City Build after all and the biggest city project we have is Big City. Since it’s open to building for Trusted+ (I think?) why not let those who can use the tool to help them build?

There, you guys now have a SOP’s point of view. Drops microphone and walks back into the shadows.

I can show any staff members my in game shopping centre, which i built with W/E as a mod, it is highly detailed and at times complex. I can post pictures of other projects if that is required to prove i can build with W/E.

I think it would be great for Trusted+ to be able to use W/E, only within Big City :slight_smile: It makes sense also for it just to be Big City as it’s a map limited to Trusted and higher and involves mostly large/skyscraper buildings. Also would it be a default permission within the BigCity map or would it have to be requested? (If this would actually go through that is ;D )

Josh, when I next see you online, I’ll give you W/E in Big City. As for the rest of this thread, sorry, but it isn’t your decision. This one, and any other concerning W/E, is for SOP+ to deal with.

I’d also like to say, unless we get a major major server upgrade, W/E will never be given to the Trusted rank as a whole. These decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

Also, as sacred said, if you fuck up badly, it will be taken away. This goes for all staff too.