Request A Project/Creation To Be Moved

This goes along with the other thread for requesting a city, except for creations instead.

If you have a project or creation that you want moved request it here. It MUST be wanted to be moved by the person that created it. In the post give the coords. If approved it will be added to the list. How to get approved is undecided.

Edit: I just approved all. Many are WIP and are fine to move.
Edit 2: I think this is the final list.

The List:

PCB Resort
x: 519
y: 65
z: -192

Keaton’s House/Hotel
x: -6537
y: 95
z: -265

Zing’s Castle
x: -6301
y: 94
z: -286

Ggg’s Wild West
x: -5795
y: 67
z: 133

Ruby’s Steampunk City
/warp steampunkcity
x: 10178
y: 105
z: 9894

Camp Town (Various People’s)
x: 6606
y: -71
z: -571

Gengi’s Island
x: -76
y: 65
z: -1177

Velite’s Atlantis

I request that my resort in Boomtown be moved. And when you do move it, put it on a nice, sandy beach. Thanks!

519, 65, -192

I request my hotel/aparment building to be moved.
located at -6537 95 -265
Screen Shot

i request my castle to be moved coords -6301 94 -286

if hard gets back on someone ask him to go to wild west so we can write down the co-ords, because i want wild west moved :smiley:

Edit By Ouhai_Ruby: Just fixed some spelling :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: found the coords ;D :smiley:

Ggg, dont double post. Merged.

I will add these once approved. The PCB Resort will most definitely be moved

edit: never merged thanks Kyle :smiley:

Hogwarts! :smiley:
Sorry, can’t take snapshots

No need to post here Vaio. Hogwarts is/will be a city. It’s already on the list.

My steampunk city.

/warp steampunkcity

Co-ords: 10178 105 9894

No screeny as of yet.

Juuust in case :slight_smile:

Obviously fortress but I’ll handle that

Already added that to the city list r33 because I figured as much.

Ill start to go through these today and add to the approved list.

I request my Island to be moved over.
x: -76
y: 65
z: -1177

I would like my “atlantis” complex to be moved over. It has a few residents.

[attachment deleted by admin due to data loss]

I will check these out on Sunday most likely, tomorrow is going to be a really long day…

Just approved both. If anyone has any last minute requests get them in soon or will not be moved.

Today is your last chance to make a request. The transfer is about to begin

I would like to request DragonVille i do not know the coordinates but it is literally right by the spawn.

This is for our 1.7.3 survival server, not our current Creative server Dragon