Reply to Ouhai and Liam

This may not be the right place to post but it is just the reply to the replies on my appeal request.

First, the spamming, since it happened, should be penalized wither it is complained about or not, since the person spammed it is still a break of the rules. Second, nothing happened BETWEEN the griefing and repair, which I complained about two-three times before the building was fixed so there should’ve been a penalty before the fixing. Third, my inappropriateness shouldn’t even be mentioned because everyone is inappropriate on the server but they never get anything said about it, and mine was just a mild asking of bra size, I have been asked my cup size multiple times including by Liam. My inappropriate was mild compared to the other stuff I see every day that never gets penalized. Fourth, I am normally just rude if someone starts something, so if someone is rude to me first then I snap and start becoming a dick. Yet the person who starts it never gets penalized. Fifth, ouhai, “piss off” is in no way synonymous to “ban” so I didn’t know that’s what you mean, how was I supposed to know?

And I try to control my annoyingness but honestly can’t help it even though I do try. I also try being nice but a lot of times someone else ruins it and I end up being in trouble for it. So I apologize for being annoying.

I understand that the ban won’t be lifted and that is not why I posted this. I just want to clear things up.

Vasil, it’s a 1 week tempban…

We were on teamspeak at the time, pen was also there. After she edited it, you complained so I asked her what it was. She then repaired it. So, yes, something was done about it.

As for me asking your bra size? That was me taking the piss, asking you - a guy - as you’d even asking others who had found it very creepy.

I got shit to do, will reply more later if necessary.

I already said a 1 week temp-ban.

Let me just say this I wasn’t there but I read your ban appeal and I understand the situation but why the big deal about it? Its only a temp ban isn’t it?

First of all I hate to break it to you buddy but, telling us the fucking rules ain’t gonna get you in anyone’s good books. We know them ten times better then you especially those two. Look I don’t want to attack you but you said you will try to control your annoyingness? this is Annoying.

Pen did then do some spammed apologies to him which she shouldn't have done, although she stopped before anyone complained about it.

[size=1em]I’m sure this goes to show that She didn’t annoy anyone except you who she was trying to FUCKING APOLOGISE TO because you were making a big deal. Can I also point out that we don’t really consider it grief if the fix it and we generally give people a chance to fix there so called griefs. If we banned someone every time they got in a little argument about a building on here we’d have no players.

[size=1em]Perhaps you should learn to read chat an accept an apology next time.

Then you didn't shut up about it, despite being asked to, and the situation explained to you multiple times.
[size=1em]Also I hate to break it to you but that there is called disrespecting staff which is also bannable. Also that is the most FUCKING ANNOYING thing you can do to us. I don't know if you've ever been staff before but it is harder then it looks and it even more annoying when little twats run around screaming Ban Her, Ban Her, She's a Griefer, She's a spammer. That's up to us to decide[size=small]
my inappropriateness shouldn't even be mentioned because everyone is inappropriate on the server but they never get anything said about it, and mine was just a mild asking of bra size.

From what I’ve heard it is alot worse than that like anti gay comments I understand if thats your belief but keep it to your fucking self since we do have gay people on our server.

This server is a COMMUNITY we have a lot of different people on here and lets just say your inappropriate comments may be okay on rare occasions when you know the person is not gonna be offended and if they are apologise.

Last thing if you snap at us and get rude with us when we are trying to fucking sort shit out then you actually make this fucking hard because you would be fucking delusional that we ban people over every minor offense. Sure if they have enough minor offenses like you do that get a fucking ban.

BTW if Ruby and Liam is listening you guys are amazing staff and I want to thank you guys because you do so fucking much for us

Ps Vasili I suggest you don’t piss me off more then this I’m still being nice here