Replica map/designated map area

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I like building replica cities but they are not something that you can kind of build on the creative map because it cannot really be modified to fit with the biomes, water bodies, other player’s cities, railways, highways from other players therefore I suggest we either:

-Assign a separate part maybe of Dev only to the creation of replica cities, where owners could easily build a replica city without any issues, easily adding trees to where it is needed, necessary hills and water bodies and can expand with no issues.
-Does not require a whole new map to be added to the server
-Creative map can be a bit more orderly
-Easy building space for replica city builders
-No building height limit?
-may need a large area of map because of size of replica (maybe no need depending on how many people decide to use it)

-Have a new flat map of maybe 5k by 5k (or smaller) for people that enjoy building replicas without any interruptions at all
-Even more space for replicas and whole map is only used for that
-Easy building space for replica builders
-No building height limit?
-Not a lot of people like building replicas because they are hard so maybe the usage of the map will be pretty low
-New map will only slow down server I believe

Please voice concerns or tips and I hope you all think this is useful!

Thanks, Dan :slight_smile:

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I understand wanting nothing in your way, but people will always build other structures around yours. Also, half the time people don’t modify their cities to fit with biomes anyway, they just build on top. We use normal maps instead of superflat mostly for the purpose of making the surroundings of cities look good. I like the idea of raising the building height limit, but I believe there is something with the way minecraft is coded that stops us from doing that.

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I understand your points, but problem with replica cities are that you cannot really modify them according to the biome or players that are close to you because you need a lot of space and you copy how the city is. So it is harder to reinforce that rule on replica cities than made up cities, that is why maybe a designated area on dev or a flat map already in use may be a good idea.

And thanks about the height limit did not know about that :slight_smile:

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I do think this is quite a good idea. However, I do have some concerns including people no longer playing on creative, leaving it desolate and of course loosing the natural beauty of the surrounding city as mentioned by Lysithea.

At the end of the day, we can’t please everyone. The vast majority of the things people build on PCB are not replica cities, they are freebuild cities or projects. As a community server, we try not to segregate players, which is what adding a flat world for replica cities would do. If players want to build on a larger scale, we have Big City available and if they really want to build a replica city, they can do so in Creative without making it an eyesore by putting in a little effort to blend it in.

The largest replica city we have had as far as I know was Zurich on the last Creative map or potentially Rennes on the current creative map. Both were/are integrated into the terrain mostly and the owners have/had done a good job of that.

I’m not trying to say this isn’t a good idea, but to address each of your ‘options’:

  1. Dev is for server projects only - period. It will be cleaned up before when we update to 1.13
  2. As addressed above, we do not like to segregate players, we are a community server.

Gotcha, By the way was not trying to segregate any players was maybe just trying to potentially add a spot that is available for replica city builders for their replica not to interfere with made up cities that are “malleable” according to world map features around them instead of replicas most of the time.

Thanks for the replies :slight_smile:

Imma go ahead and lock this up and mark it as denied in 24 hours if no one else has something to say