ReiniTori - 30th of June, 2014


Minecraft Username ReiniTori

Date of Ban 30th of June, 2014
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by nob head

Reason for Ban im so sorry but i just like building small penises and condoms out of glass.

Reason to be Unbanned because then i wont buid penises but build huge vaginas with detailed innereds

[ Ban History ] No previous ban appeals on record.

[ ! ] Do not post unless you are in someway involved in this matter.
[ !! ] Do not edit this post or the formatting will break.

This entire appeal is far too unprofessional. Unless you have anything decent to say, an appeal like this should be outright denied.

You obviously have no wish to be unbanned, locked.

Unlocked. Check the IP’s and look at the users. That isn’t ReiniTori’s IP. Considering Moreorlesser poster it on it not three minutes after, as well as deleted the post and containing the same IP. I’m pretty sure he made this post, framing Reini.

Should Moreorlesser be punished for this, considering that he tried to make another member look bad?

He didnt even spell the name right… (ReiniiTori)

If he is found to be guilty of doing so, then yes this warrants a heavy punishment.

that wasn’t moreorlesser it was a kid at our school he posted it cause he sour us on pcb website and decided to troll.

You have created a fake appeal under the guise of “Theduck24” as did Moreorlesser. This is ridiculous, and cannot continue. It’ll be dealt with.

Knowing another users name and details? Right…
You also let him do it?

Banning the ip on the forums.

Update 1: moreorlesser is banned on the forums as his ip is all over this stuff, all ip’s he has used in recent posts have also been banned.

Update 2: Apparently moreorlesser has not done anything, it was in his school, but done by another user. I’m looking into it currently.

Update 3: Unbanned moreorlesser on the forums for now until I get a bit more information about this.

If anyone has more info, it would be appreciated.

it was me I messeged the guy and said it was me because I get in rages sometimes and I sour moreorlesser on pcb and rememberd tori got me banned and I got so angry I wrote this post at the time I didn’t think but now later I have felt really bad about it and am ding my best to rectify the situation so plz ones u see this block me and remove all punishment from moreorlesser I am very sorry and I apoligise to all I have wronged.

That’s easy enough then. Banning joshybenj/joshibenji/whatever from forums.

I got this skype log from Simpal also, as well as a pm from joshinenji, pretty conclusive.

[19:01:24] joshua dewar: there blaming oliver shit [19:01:38] Simeon: ... [19:01:41] Simeon: Idiot [19:01:49] joshua dewar: lol he desided to post [19:02:42] Simeon: Idiot! [19:02:45] Simeon: What the hell [19:03:02] joshua dewar: i know but he posted it not me [19:05:01] joshua dewar: i posted it was a kid at school [19:06:00] joshua dewar: shit they cheacked the ip [19:06:25] joshua dewar: poor oliver [19:06:38] Simeon: idiot [19:06:40] Simeon: admit it [19:06:58] joshua dewar: nope [19:07:05] Simeon: I wil tell them it is you [19:07:08] joshua dewar: i said it was a kid at school [19:07:11] joshua dewar: a troll [19:15:17] joshua dewar: they found me lol [19:15:24] Simeon: idiot [19:15:32] Simeon: its not funny when they blame oliver [19:15:48] joshua dewar: me joshibenj and theyll put 2 and 2 together [19:31:36] joshua dewar: well i came clean and told them it was me [19:53:30] Josh (Joshibenj): simeon plz messegeliam599 to say i did it quickly [19:54:27] Josh (Joshibenj): plz plz plz do it [19:55:34] *** Missed call from Josh (Joshibenj). *** [19:55:38] Josh (Joshibenj): hello?

I don’t get WHY you’d want to make a fake appeal, but it is insane. It caused undue searching for proper IP’s, and was unneeded. The situation is solved, so I’ll lock this thread. Thanks, Liam.