Thanks to Ymb I was able to finally register, crazy how hard it was… But this post is a test he told me to post, so I isam! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome! To the forums! :smiley:

Welcome, it’s nice to meet you

Welcome :smiley:

How hard was it? Can you elaborate on the parts that were hard so we can fix easy?

Everytime he would submit his profile, it would lead him to a blank page. Doesn’t send a conformation or anything to the website, just leave’s a blank page. I think its not just him who’s experiencing this problem since I also tried to make his account for him, but also gotten a blank page.

Hm ok. Good to know thanks.

I believe ChevalierSaito has been having that same problem. Last time i tried to help him set up his account on his computer it never really worked.

Welcome! Sad to hear about the problems you had there…

Odd, Andy says he did not change anything with the forums. I will try to make an account myself. Will post with “Fake” account.

Well, I see the issue you are all having I think. It is not much of a problem since it worked for me.

What happened was that when I finished filling in the form and hit submit, it led to a blank page. Nothing…

Thing is, I still got the email to activate the account anyway. Registration went fine after that. My guess is that people are either assuming it failed and do not check their email, or they mess up the captcha.

LOL, I’m a member…

Interesting, a captcha here too? Must be for first post.

Double post time!


When you guys post, do you always have to fill in a captcha? And does it kick you out of the thread you post in?

No captcha, but I get redirected out of the thread to the board it is in.

Ok, good. the captcha system is working as intended. It stops spam from those that make a new account.

Good news everybody!

I found the option for automatically returning to the topic you just posted in. Actually, it is a setting you can all change by hitting “Attachments and other options” in the “Reply” page.

I set everyone to default to return to the thread you posted in. Not sure why it defaulted to kicking you out of the thread you were in before…

Good, I actually went through all the settings to find that and fixed it in mine. I also load more posts per thread, since loading more pages is a pain imo. Also for registering make sure to check the spam folder in your email, since a lot of automated-type systems get marked as such.