Regarding Teleporting to Staff/Players in General

Hello players of PCB, this message is more directed towards Trusted and Donators.

Let me start off with that this thread is just a heads up and friendly reminder to you guys. When you are using your teleporting commands, you should make sure that you ask the player if it’s okay for you to teleport to them. Some people do not like to be bothered and find it highly irritating when people teleport to them. Staff are exempt from this as we are here to check in on you to ensure you aren’t breaking any rules.

Now, Staff especially are people who you should be asking if it’s alright to teleport to them. The reason being is we could be doing our jobs, or we could be doing other things for the server (like events for example), or we just do not want to be bothered like any other player. This means you should NOT use any other means to teleport to a staff member. If someone doesn’t want you to teleport to them do NOT teleport to them anyways. Respect everyone’s boundaries please.

If this becomes a larger problem, then actions can and will take place if they are needed. So, please remember to ask first before you teleport to someone.


Can do.

Thank you for the heads up.

From now on, Staff should go /afk in survival either hovering over, or inside a lava pit. this will take care of that problem


 I do find it annoying for players to /tp on me when I'm busy. And, members dislike it when I deny their teleportation request. The players do it without asking, and I have a hard time building while another player is nearby, because I like to be left alone. I like it that Sacred, and the staff of PCB, has noticed that the /tp without asking has became a little of a nunsance, and I hope that /tp will be used properly, or after getting permission.

note: for staff they can use tptoggle to completely prevent it.

So what’s the difference between tp, but you must ask first; and tpa?

[ul][li]/tpa - Ask the person to TP to them. They can accept or decline. Doesn’t work if they have TP disabled.[/li]
[li]/tp - TP to a person without asking them. Doesn’t work if they have TP disabled.[/li]
[li]/ttpos - TP to some coords[/li]
[li]/tpo - Teleport to a person without asking them. Works even if they have TP disabled. Staff Only.[/li][/ul]

The majority of the problem in this situation was people with tp disabled being teleported to using tppos. There’s no way for the server to know not to teleport to them.

If somebody’s TP is disabled it means they don’t want to be teleported to. Don’t bypass it with the dynmap and tppos.

I would like to add to this. It happens very frequently when there is a ban. Players teleport to see what the grief is, and then start flipping out in chat. This is a royal pain in the ass, and also clutters up the chat. A simple solution is a kick, temp ban for the perpetrators, or removal of privileges.

Yes good idea Madant, probably a kick first and tell them why they were kicked once they come back on and maybe they will then learn quickly not to arrive at a grief area.

Sometimes it is a member/trusted etc that find the grief and obviously they would not be kicked.

If they persist in coming over then perhaps temp ban with reasons for ban added on the ban listing.

Why do you find people teleporting to see what has happened so deeply annoying?

You are studying for a test tomorrow that you have to get right.

good enough example of why?
It’s like driving with someone backseat driving with you >,>
they are staff so they need to be able to do their work without idiots annoying them and getting in the way.
they became staff for a reason. No need to check on em

Of course. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why a staff might ever get anything wrong.

Then why on earth are you on PCB?

Can you not live with that? We just want to know what is going on.

That’s a tiny bit of an exaggeration. Particularly for an obvious case like griefing.

To be blunt, when you do this, you get in the way. Last thing we want when we’re trying to fix something is 12 people crowding round yelling ‘OMG GRIEF, WHO DID IT? BAN THE GRIEFER, OMG, WHY DID YOU BAN PLAYER?’. Also, if you stand in the holes, we can’t check who made the holes.

This. We don’t care if the player’s Saint Pope Buddha Bailey the Fifteenth, if he griefs, he gets banned. “OH BUT HES A GOOD PERSON Y U DO THIS” we do this because the guy griefed. If you don’t like the fact we ban griefers regardless of who they may be IRL, you don’t have to stay here.

TBH Vir, while we are trying to repair, those are typical responses from players, Yomi is not exaggerating. It causes room for more error if people are everywhere and trying to help rebuild. Just like at a crime scene, we need to investigate, and we need the investigation to be clear of other distractions.

It gets very tedious explaining to several individuals what happened, and why. That is the purpose of the ban appeals.

@VirBinarus Why are you “quoting” something i didn’t say >,>

I think hes trying to interject his own comment into it, but it came out as a comment from you.
Either way though

If we are helping out someone or fixing a problem then you dont need to interject, think of general police. If they are conducting an investigation or talking to people then they dont need you jumping in and poking around, back off and leave them to it.