Regarding Staff Applications.

We’ve done this in the past, and its about that time again.

In the last 2 months or so, we’ve had an influx of new Operators and Moderators. More than enough to take care of our little Vanilla server. So unless a large chunk of our current staff are demoted for inactivity, we will not be accepting any more Staff Applications, unless the said person is over the top good for the server.

To our current staff: You’re all doing a fantastic job, please please please, keep up the good work! I can honestly say that i feel the server will be in good hands once i leave in about a month and a half. :smiley:

Thank you for your Cooperation,
Shadowmeire Hanatori

Where you going :frowning: ?

Military. But it’s likely he will be back once he settles in and gets Internet again. I expect 3 months minimum.

Indeed. but i wont be on like i am now. it will be much more sporadic

Nice dude.

Which area are you joining? Infantry, marines, air force…?

My recruiter gave me a goal to loose another 80 lbs. Gave me study material for my ASVAB a couple days ago.

But Air Force

Finally you’re gonna be a cadet eh?

That’s awesome dude. I wish you all the best.

I was gonna join my countries Air Corps, but sadly they don’t take colour blind people. Shit happens I suppose

my recruiter informed me to ‘forget’ that i have ADD and have been perscribed Adderal before, cause they wont take you in the US if that has happen XD

Well I mean, come join the RCAF - we actually have F-18s :P. Your PC-9s don’t cut it.

@Shadowmeire628, I’m not familiar with USAF ranks but are you going into officer training (Cadet -> 2nd "Left"tenant) or are you enlisting - Airman?

Some chance of me getting into Canada, you guys have gotten really strict about immigration.

But yeah, the PC-9s are terrible. We could at least try get a non-prop aircraft. I mean, we literally only have a handful of aircraft.

My backfall was gonna be to join the Navy as a cadet. But alas, colourblind, yada yada blah blah…

I may have forgotten to mention something about ADD from when I was little as well.

i have no idea what any of it means, im going there for free food, houseing, schooling, and pay. thats about it

Ha! I warned you about those recruiters!

When they do a background check on you, either don’t mention PCB or edit your post just in case they see that add thing. Edit mine too if you care too. I doubt they will look here, but it can’t hurt the be careful.

Do you honestly think they’d go that far?

No, but when I was getting my Top level security clearance (due to my job), they did a through check on my past. Where I had lived, worked, and my family. They called my dad and asked about me for example. I have no idea how much they check on your online activity.

The chance is less than 1% really. They told me the check for my clearance would cost thousands of $$. Stupid.

Kyle = American James Bond

I was originally EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal). I mean, for fun I looked up the designs for a nuclear reactor and bomb. Security was tight on those harddrives. We were supposed to know a bit about those bombs you know! FYI, that’s not the field I stayed in.

This is true 8)

BTW is this over? Can we apply again?