Regarding Staff Applications

For right now, unless there is a mass exodus of staff members, ALL Staff Applications will be instantly denied upon submission. There are simply too many Staff that are active right now, from most of the time zones that there is no reason to fill any more.

Very good idea, I am good with the staff right now, they are awesome.

This is hardly fair, the ratio of staff to member is lower than last map (because of the all the new people joining)

Also I can remember times where there is no staff on. All the staff members get on at the same time and most of the time it is full of trusted.

There isn’t that many mods right now anyways it is mainly just a ton of ops…

Courage not all the staff come on at the same time. There is usually someone on at different times of day and if there isn’t and you need urgent help with grief etc then there is ‘steam’ or skype to try.
We have staff from all over the world in different time zones.
England, USA, Australia and Netherlands to name but a few so to say we are all on at the same time is false mate sorry.

Also, Courage, Look at the staff list and count the Members. We have enough staff.

I agree. The staff is plentiful here.

Even though I am like the most/only active mod, we have like flippin’ 20 OP’s. I think we have enough for now.

People only have mod for 1-3 months typically.

This is just a reminder that the current status is still in effect. We really do not need more staff at the moment.

Myself and others were told by an Operator today that this was no longer valid, so that’s why a few applications were sent it. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Who said that this was no longer in effect?

Ferrarri, not sure why.

yeah, this is still in effect. as soon as it is not, ill make a post. the only staff we’ve lost lately are Namillo, Dragon (who was inactive to begin with) and RGA due to not making it through his promotional period.

Someone mind translating that into not staff language?

I’m assuming since people get mod for 1-3 months, the time period is a test if you are suitable for OP/STAFF or not

Obviously this. I only speak two languages, English and German. That was not German. If it does not compute, open up a dictionary =p

I haven’t been on the servers for months. And only check the forums once a day sometimes.

Yeah, but even with that said, we still have all our Canadians that are bloody insomniacs, so there ids USUALLY someone online

Cough Cough Kurry! She is obviously has insomnia :stuck_out_tongue: ly kurryBear!