Redstone Competition

[size=18pt]I’m thinking of making a redstone competition on PCB, but before I spend too much time making it, how many people would be interested?


-Will take place in Prymont Stadium
(85.41% complete)

There will be:
-Free Entry
-PCB money prize. (somewhere between 100-1k$, will be decided later)

How does a redstone competition work?


Probrably as follows:

A task is given (E.g. Make an ABBA switch which fits in a 4x4 area), and then the competitiors race to make it first)

and there might be some rounds where they try to make their device the smallest.


I’d probably be interested, but it’d be a pain to get all the people on at the same time. Maybe do a time trial?

Good idea.

Count me in.


That shouldn’t be too hard if things continue this way, i’m sure we can get TWO of you on at the same time…

Can I build a computer in a separate area?