Recruitment Rewards

This might seem like a silly idea and I don’t know what made me think about this. This suggestion is for Guest > Member Registration. What if we included a box that asks new incoming members “Was there a user that helped you register?” (This would be a checkbox) and if they check it have so they can enter the username of the player who helped them become a registered member. This option would disregard ranks making it so you could enter a username of any rank.

As far as my suggestion goes this would gather a list of usernames who have helped new members register on a separate but private page (limited to SOP+) and a count for how many member they helped bring to the server. At the end of the month we could have a Reward for the Top 3 who recruited the most members. There would be different prizes depending on place number. As to what those prizes maybe, possibilities are vast, if the suggestion is approved there would be further conversation for those prizes!

My last add-on to my suggestion might be pushing it, but I thought it would be a nice gesture. Remember, players would have to keep track of how many recruits they made since that page with the count would be private. If players reached 50+ new recruits in a month they could get a Donator Rank for ______ (To be determined of time). Like I said everything is really open for discussion and this would be a wonderful thing to implement if we wanted to make members/trusted feel more friendly or have staff be given higher recognition for their efforts towards the server.

I like and support this!

One fear I have is people becoming pushy.

I think to fix the pushiness all you would have to do is punish a player if they start to make PCB look like some ad… Like JOIN PCB! IP IS!!! Spammed 1000 times Or GET ON THIS SERVER NOW OR DIE!!! Probably don’t want people doing that at every server and getting us a lot of negative attention.

Advertising is not the goal I’m trying to bring out in this suggestion, but rather it would be to have an increase in guests applying for membership since there’s a strong difference between guests that stay and play around for a bit before they register, and guests who just ignore what you say and then leave to never be seen again. As far as being pushy it wouldn’t matter ahead of time. Guests will only be able to know that there’s an option for this if they even get to the registration screen.

I can agree pushiness and whatnot, I think if we set boundaries about it to where people don’t go crazy then it could work.

Such as if someone is helping someone sign up do’t swoop in and take that from someone and take over the process of helping. And going onto 2074395057 servers and spamming pcb is not allowed cause that would be bad. Any others things I can’t think of atm, but I think general rules/boundaries would be useful.

But if peeps don’t like go crazy and whatnot I can see this being a great idea :smiley:

The suggestion box clean up begins.

Wouldn’t really want it to become a competition between staff. Those who refer people will do it regardless of getting rewarded anyway, then those who don’t already refer probably still wouldn’t bother - or have already told people about PCB.

I’ll deny this for now as interest seems to be pretty low anyway.