'Recording Rule'

Hello PCB staff,

I do not like the rule that I [we] can’t record without a staff’s permission. I would like to state that instead of asking the staff to record, you [we] should tell everyone that we are going to record. E.G: ‘Ok everyone I will be recording in a minute’. If everyone is happy then sure go ahead. If not maybe hide chat or not include them in the clip.

Second argument:
Instead of enforcing the rule without people knowing it’s a rule is strange. You guys have a page for RULES. Because it’s a rule add it to the rules page for God’s sake!

Last argument:
Why would we have to ask in the first place? Ask yourself. Maybe people don’t want to be included, you can not include them in the clip or hide the chat like I mentioned above.
This is a public server. Yes, there are standard rules like no racism, etc… But because this is a public server there should be a need to ask. It’s like going onto a busy street and start recording. You wouldn’t ask everyone to record, right?

Anyway I just want to let you know that I do not agree with this rule.



This is about privacy… People do not want their builds on videos of someone else or themselves in it.
If someone doesn’t want that they have the right to refuse it.
the reason for permission from staff is (prob) to make sure people don’t go crazy with filming and using it for the wrong purposes.

do you want 24-7 a camera on your face?
do you want people to film the things you made (and sometimes say it is their own)?
and every video that has people on it that don’t want to be in can get a complain about and get taken down.

 HiPixels, not everyone wants to be a part of a video. It's a staff member's duty to keep other player's privacy safe and to stop those who breach that sense of being secure. When a video is being filmed on our server, it's important that it's being filmed with a staff member's consent, so that they know who the player is and what they're filming. These types of actions aren't common on this server, which is probably why it isn't noted on the rules post. I've enjoyed watching every video that comes from PCB's channel on YouTube, along with other channels that post content from the server, but every video has been done in moderation in order to not create any issues between anyone who didn't want to be involved in the filming of a video.

the recording of videos without staff permission is against the rules for a few reasons. reasons including the fact that it can paint the server in a bad light, even if the intentions were good. Or it could bring unwanted visitors if posted to places we do not advertise or avoid advertising on. Some people just dont want to be in a video too. and about us being a public server, thats wrong. its privately owned, but is open to the public- big difference.

Since when has recording been an issue on this server? Recording builds and events has been a pastime for some.

I say everyone should be OK to record bar staff with like full log show on.

Correct me if im wrong but this rule by mouth sounds like bullshiz

Nope it’s not bullshit. It’s been an undocumented rule (yes), however it is still important nonetheless that players do initiate consent from online staff before recording for security/privacy purposes in addition to making sure good quality stuff is being shared rather than that of poor taste

I totally agree but I would hide the chat for privacy
~yours truly Grantkirby :wink:

I was under the impression that this was never a formal rule, more of a courtesy to let people know you were recording. That’s why it isn’t in the rules post.

We had a lot of implied rules that you only needed to apply common sense for in the past… Over time people seem to have lost that and we’ve been implementing more rules to cover that.

This particular rule is just one that hasn’t been integrated into the rules list yet.

That’s my point, instead of having to ask staff just ask everyone if they’re happy. And most cases it’s ok!