Recognized as member?

Hi there, quick question. I have my PCB account but when I log into the server I’m not recognized as a member rather than a guest. Can someone help me out here? Oh dear, I’m such a newbie when it comes to all of this. Sorry!

thats confusing…

Your display name (fracas) needs to be your username players see on the server. If that isn’t your username on the server then that would be your reason why it’s not giving you the member rank most likely.

Ah, okay, thank you so much. uwu sorry for the confusion!

Fixed. I think. Also moving this thread out of the classic board.

In the future mini, can you [b]not]/b] inform people what their high rank does if they don’t already know please? Think about it, they could then realise they’re staff, exploit that and completely fuck the server up.

Oh dear. Well I know I’m not a Classic Server Senior operator…wonder how that got messed up. I definitely do not deserve that title. I should go back to dirt miner. Also question how do you chat in the group chat because I’m wondering if it’s a problem with my connection because me not being able to chat has come up in other servers…

Thanks for fixing it!

Hit “T” on your keyboard (which stands for Typing) and you can talk to other users. If being able to talk was an issue that is your answer. If you cannot see other users chatting then it could be another issue, maybe specify?

You can also use these few commands in chat to your use if needed:

[ul][li]/Msg PlayerName TextHere (To chat with other users privately)[/li]
[li]/Ignore PlayerName (If you don’t wish to see specific users in the chat)[/li][/ul]