Real-Time Player List and Map

Without further ado, I present our new real time player statistics list and map!

Our player list shows:

[ul][li]Who’s online[/li]
[li]Total blocks placed/broken[/li]
[li]Total play time[/li]
[li]Last seen date[/li]
[li]Total deaths[/li][/ul]

Whilst our new dynamic map features:

[ul][li]Real time isometric rendering of our world[/li]
[li]Who’s online[/li]
[li]Player position tracking[/li]
[li]A view of in-game chat[/li]
[li]The ability to chat with people in-game[/li]
[li]The time in the server (ie. 7:53am day)[/li]
[li]The ability to see underground cave systems[/li]
[li]The ability to see the Nether should we ever implement it in the future[/li][/ul]

Just two of many great community updates to follow!

Oooooo fancy. I like it!