Real life room thread #1

Hey guys, I recently finished decorating my room into a chillax den and I wanted to see what everyone elses rooms look like!

Here’s mine:



The room is incredibly small so i had to take 2 photos 8) 8) 8) 8)

Lil’ hippy den. Looks chill af. Will post a photo of mine when I get home.

as many of you may know I am lucky (HEAVY SARCASM) enough to share a room with my brother. So I only took pictures of what I own/what didnt have clothes all over it.


I’m sure many of you have questions or inquiries so ask away

EDIT: Yes, thats a spongebob pillow. on the reverse side is Patrick.
EDIT II: (theres a link to the album, pictures are easier to see there)

Joe, I can already see you’re a big Patriots fan, from the many football players on the wall. And, I see you have more than one wall painted with red, except for the ceiling.

I am a huge patriots fan (I have like 5 more patriots hats and 1 packers hat but they arent in the pictures) and all of the walls are red. I also have a lot of stuff from my football days (AKA: Mullet Joe Era)

Mann’s Room:


Key Features:

  • Desktop Gaming Station
  • Console Gaming Station
  • Bar
  • Napping/Cryo Station

Is that what you call that collection of half empty bottles :stuck_out_tongue:

The fridge is also full. Most of the empties have replacements ready in the cupboard :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my room :smiley: aimed for a minimalist/oriental style but couldn’t due to space constraints. All-Swedish(IKEA)/Japanese(MUJI)furniture!


@Verna_'s room in my dream :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: