Real Life Picture Thread (No. 5?)

Hey Guys,
I never got around to participating in this when we had the… other… four (according to John) threads, so i thought I’d finally get around to showing you what the hell I look like, as well as give others another shot at participating/laughing at faces.

[See attached]

I wont lie, the first picture looks like you are part of UPS…

Lol yeah that’s our “As For Class” uniform that we wear to class. I usually hear it looks like a milkman uniform.


John, wai you nekkid?s

I am my avatar. DEAL WITH IT 8)

Nam… it all makes sense now…

this is me. Yes the sand titties are real :stuck_out_tongue:

Nam smoking is bad.

Thanks mom.

Ahaha, this thread is cool! I’ll try to find one.


Why is that the Exact way i thought u would look XD

Meta you look almost exactly like I thought you would… Maybe with a bit longer hair, but other than that, my mind had it spot on…

Me at Disneyland:

Shadow, growing out your hair since the last thread? You were almost bald last time!

Lol, Nam.

Meta, your background reminds me of my Air Force dorm rooms. How many roommates do ya have? We usually had 1.

Another real life photo thread? :smiley:

I took this one wednesday lmao, most recent pic of me

I think most of you know what I look like already but sure, why not?




[quote=“Kyle8910, post:15, topic:17555”]Shadow, growing out your hair since the last thread? You were almost bald last time![/quote]pffff this is how my hair usually is. i just missed it being like that, so i grew it back out

The relaxed, the cool dude and the music freak! <3

More bored and had nothing better to do. :o