Real Life Photo Thread 6

Cause you asked me so politely!


Ermergherd unerverseteh rewm

An old holiday pic of mine:

if we are playing it that way then this is me
(japanese all the way)
nickname: Yomi = Hell

name: Yomigaere = Reborn

Toying around with my M14 (Drill Rifle) and bayonet

Meta, bayonets make bullets not go straight!

Woah, embeded images come out actual size, how can you shrink them? Seriously I can’t show you my face or a man from MI6 will come round to your house and have a chat with you.

Nonsense. The bayonet does not cover the barrel, it attaches onto it. It should not have any effect on the trajectory of the bullet.

Awwww Yeah…

My latest side profie shot :wink:

Well, I love posting pics, and seeing what everyone looks like, so here’s me, again!~

In world war II perhaps. Pretty sure they’ve fixed that by now.

Well, it has been ages since I have even HAD a picture taken of me. Last night I was at a party and met another guy in military uniform. He was in the Iraq Navy and wore his uniform as his outfit at the party. There I am looking goofy on the right.


Js, but me and piehole automatically win this.

Suits >>>

Ymb, dun bump old topics biatch.

This is excusable, it’s a photo thread, nothing that can technically die.

Ymb, I see your suit and raise you…

Suit. Suits make everything better. This was part of a piss take valentines day thing. Two of the girls in our flat decided to go on a girly singles date to somewhere nearby, then asked if me and my flatmate (pictured) wanted to go too. So we thought, “meh, sure.”. After finding out the girls were dressing up a bit, we instantly went for full suits. Because suits. Then yeah we were sat in his room playing GTA V waiting for the girls to be ready. Pfft. Women. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah and moustaches.

Here’s a pic of me for y’all :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn Liam, you look good af.

Only those that wear suits look good af.