Read Me: Trusted and lower

In the event of another “emergency” (I use that term very loosely) come on the website and send a private message to a few OP’s, Mod’s and Admins.

I don’t know about the other staff but when I get a PM it sends me an email and I’m alerted on my iPhone so if I’m at home or somewhere with a computer then I’ll be able to get on and deal with it.

In the event of an emergency some players have my number.

This is a method for all players though

I try to be on IRC majority of the time so if anyone says “Nek” then it will alert me.

If you say my name and I don’t respond then most likely I am away from the computer (obviously).

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Don’t we have the /helpop command?

There’s also a project city build group on steam with a few ops in them.

Indeed Vaio, Andy and I are often on Steam. Join the Steam group, and you can see who is signed in. Message us for important stuff.