Rant/Ode about chest shops...

O chest shops you were so fine,

until you stole my money.

I have slaved,
through jungle ocean and cave.


Since 1.3 I have kept u,

making me money.


Sincerely Ka_52

That’s a real pretty word you got there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no idea what that word is. I only know I am out 200 coins so fa.r…

o.O I barely have over 100. And where did you find these chest shops, I would like to go and maybe set up a shop for me.

As much as I love the poetry, I don’t really understand what happened here. How was your money stolen?

O it wasn’t :). Poetic license…I thought they were free and then it charged me 100 after I completed the sign. :stuck_out_tongue: if I had known it costed money I wouldn’t have made the chest shops quite yet :).

HOLD ON NOW. It cost money to make a shop now? ???

TO Make a chest shop 100 coins each :confused:

Well that kinda makes sense and kinda is extremely annoying. It makes sense because in real life you have to pay a setup cost. But i think 100 is a bit much really… maybe make it 25 or 30?

Sounds good to me… I am ok with paying it just surprised me because it never has happened before. I just like things to be upfront…

I think 50 would be a good price. 100 isn’t tooooooo high, but it is kinda pricy if you want to change your stock or where it is, especially if you haven’t made any money off of the stock or location your in.

I see! I had no idea there was a start up fee. I actually think 100 is a really cheap price considering how much money people tend to accumulate.

Then again, money farming from spawners is impossible now, right? I think that may drastically lower the ammount of money people get. Perhaps 50 is more reasonable. Discuss?

Sorry! I forgot to mention it because I thought it wasn’t charging properly yet. And yes it costs $100 at the moment to create a chest shop. You should get the $100 back if you destroy it though.

And there is a 10% tax taken from profits from the chest shop. But I’m not sure if that is working too.

Btw, nice poem :stuck_out_tongue:

can we atleast have like a 1/4 money mob spawners? i mean we spend out time killing them using resources to build them and kill the mobs :l and i mean in real life you could/would get paid for killing them if it was like your job or something :s


Thank you for your lovely comments! I applaud the entrance of a tax, just make a post outlining the new economy features please. And raise the tax to 40% and then give out free golden apples everywhere like Canada! Mon deux cents.

NO KA JUST NO NOT 40% LEAVE IT AT 10% >.> Also u can make golden apples easily now so what would be the point of that xD

You will get exp and coins from spawners as long as you kill the mob at least 7 blocks away from it. You can still build mob grinders/farms using the spawners this way. What we are trying to do is reward people for killing mobs, but not from standing in front of a spawner for hours.

Also if you kill mobs at night you get 25% extra money.

The 10% tax is to try and keep the economy under control. In the previous versions people would end up with 50,000+ and have more money than they would ever need.


so im not getting my 32k back? ;p

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Herp Derp,

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