Rant about internet browsers here!

Please post your rants below about internet browsers.

Perhaps make this a general rant thread, not just browsers? :open_mouth: But yeah, my opinions:
Chrome - FAST. Some security problems apparently, looks nice, simple, clean.
Firefox - Its ok, I haven’t used it much. But it seems that to get it to be really useful, you need a crap ton of plugins. Interface is pretty nice looking, bit more complicated than chrome though.
Internet Explorer - Heh. Good if you don’t know anything else about computers, and its the only thing you have ever used, and dislike change. The newest one is much better than previous versions though, although I haven’t used it myself.
Safari - Eh, it seems people who use it, make it out to be better than it actually is. Simple interface, but maybe TOO simple.
Opera - lolwut? Not a clue about it.

I wrote this in my class, but it applies here too.

I usually prefer to use Firefox as my default browser, but I have a small quirk. I don’t use the standard version of FF. I use the 64 bit Nightly version. I wanted to use a 64 bit version, but the normal FF is only 32 bit. It’s not much difference, but it seems to serve me well.

Now, why choose FF? I choose it because of the useful plugins. In particular, I use NoScript to block unwanted active content on a page. It has saved my bacon from many suspicious websites. I also use “Save Image in Folder 1.3.6”. It allows me to double-click images, and they get saved to a folder I pre-selected. This makes copying many images from the net a lot faster than “right-click, save as, choose folder, save”.

Also kind of neat about nightly is that I get a few features not yet in the normal release. I am liking the new tab page they use because it pins my most visited pages there. Faster use of bookmarks!

For compatibility, I use a plugin to “Open this page in Internet Explorer”. Almost everything works in one or the other. Only the college site has forced me to use Chrome for a toolwire exercise that refused to save my work otherwise. I believe the issue was caused by both of those browsers updating while chrome and the toolwire did not. Compatibility is impossible on every device/version.

I shall add another page for just ranting after. My opinions from a design standpoint.
Firefox- Beats IE to death and changing personas is always nice.
IE- Much better than the previous versions but still crap.
Chrome - Simple, which can be a good thing just I don’t like it as much as Mozilla (personal preference)
Safari - Useful on Macs simple, absolute ugly on PCs
Opera - Don’t use it, but a lot of kids in my grade use it to by pass the blocking of Facebook and youtube etc.

Their self descriptions and my opinions on them/flaws in descriptions:
(Please bear in mind these descriptions are from Summer/Autumn 2010)
IE - ‘Fast, clean and trusted. The world’s most popular browser on Windows… Free from Microsoft.’ Only most popular because it comes with every PC ever produced. (Not Macs or Chromebooks) Not that good - OK if you only have a basic understanding of computers. Average in all areas.
Firefox - ‘Firefox is fast, flexible and secure. Proudly non-profit, we’re always innovating for you. Try the free download!’ Faster than IE. Looks nice. Innovating to an extent. Fast downloads. Average page loading. Average uploads. Plugins to do stuff better/differently. Might need lots of plugins to make it great though.
Opera - ‘Upgrade to a better browser. Opera is fast, smooth and easy to use.’ Debatable if it’s better. Never tried it but seems slightly higher than average page loading. Average download/upload.
Chrome - ‘A fast new browser from Google. Try it now!’ The only 100% true description here. FAST page loading. Looks great. Average download/upload. HAs some plugins but not to the extent as firefox.
Safari - ‘Safari for Windows from Apple, the world’s most innovative browser.’ Not the world’s most innovative browser. They just say that cos they’re apple. Looks nice. Average in all areas. Basically a better looking slightly faster IE.

If you want a good all-rounder pick IE, Safari or Opera.
If you want fast downloads go for Firefox.
If you want fast page loading go for Chrome.

Just like to point out, a few statistics have shown that chrome overtook both firefox and IE