I am thinking of implementing some new ranks, heres what i was thinking,
Banned - obvious
Guest - again obvious
Initiate - After they have proved they are not a griefer, then they will be promoted to this
Builder - A member of the server
Advbuilder - Able to make good structures
Probuilder - A keen member who has shown great skill in their builds
Trusted-op - Able to keep a watchfull eye over thoses below them ie undo and restore maps
Op - Able to promote people and have a vast block change limit for map making and restoring
Pro-op - Able to use almost all commands, veteran ops who are loyal and trust worthy
Super-ops - me and liam.

Any thoughts? other ranks that could be implimented? i think new ranks give people more to work towards in the server, helping keep it active and help it to expand =]

Rename Banned to something funny like Silly Entertaining Noobs.

Its your server fatso, do it. But i agree with Jet, banned is so plain and boring rename is something more interesting like… F*cktard

and in the mean time, get a server up xD

the server is up XD and yea, ill think of something sutible for banned people =D

Banned = Pwned. :L

by the way, i think pro ops should be able to undo more that normal ops. if they cant already… xD

Banned = The Smited

Pro ops can use /impersonate /possess and stuff to mess with people where as ops dont have that power.

I have a suggestion. . .

Why not rename a few:

Trainee-Op --> Moderator
Operator --> Super-Mod
Pro-Op --> Operator
Super-Op stays the same.

And yeah, Banned should be Pwned. xD

i would call banned people something like pwned or LOSERS if it didnt give a arrogant and childish feel to it, thats why they are now called ‘The Dammed ones’ XD, short sweet and to the point =].

about the other rank names, i wouldnt want to change the trainee-op and the operator ranks too much, people only stay on the trainee rank for about 7 days before they are either promoted or demoted (as its a rank that they will learn the commands before getting a larger blockchange amount and what not, so maybe trainee-mod, moderator, then operator? =]

I don’t know–Perhaps you could call the Banned Banned.

On trainee-mod, maybe we should just keep it that.

No, it would go like this:


my suggestion

------->>>> v_v

pixel trainee ( who just made his first creeper )
pok3 pixel ( a person who can make a pokeball )
pixel artist ( a person who can make good/advanced pixel art )
pixel op a.k.a me ? ::slight_smile: ( a person who can do all the pixel styles ( beginner/medium/hard :smiley: /advanced ) and who rates other pixels and stuff and ranks lower ppl )

but thats my suggestion ;D

that would get complicated… XD! plus there isnt really a pixel rank, although maybe this might be a good idea, add more ranks, but again, massive complication…

Dammed ones





Random idea of a new ranking system, rather the go up ranks one after the other, there will be diffrent catagories of ranks, so they can follow one of a few ‘career paths’, the pixel and builder are just two random ones i picked on XD they can be anything, what cha guys think? yay or ney?

I think a better idea would be to have the same ranks but to integrate the careers with player titles Eg. ‘CoCo4u’ would be ‘[Pixel artist] CoCo4u’ ect.


That’s just getting random now. Ruby’s idea is good. Whether you make pixel art or houses, you should still get the same commands. . .

I know I’m hardly on creative anymore, but I also like Ruby’s idea. The pixel ranking is a really cool idea. It’s like a badge people can wear.

Argh! I am a grumpy old man and do not like this new idea! >:(

JK, I think it’s a good idea. As soon as the SMP server goes back up I won’t be on the creative server that much anyway.