Rankings / Permissions

To anyone who is still missing their rank and permissions on our SMP server due to the server update, please let me know (either by posting below or PMing me). I will manually add you back to the system.

  • Andy

Hmm, seems I am still a guest. Just thought I would let you know. I don’t know what rank Brodur was, but he is a guest too.

I still have to disconnect then reconnect because I change to guest every time I die. Oh and I was OP on the original Classic server.

You don’t lose your rank on death, the colour just disappears due to a bug.

I manually added your rank yesterday shortly after posting the announcement Kyle, is it still not registered?

Yup, tested it again now. I know this is a silly question but, did you type my name correctly? I wonder why it did not work.

Oh, you should also know that spawn protection is gone. It works well in sandy point, but not in spawn. A few others were saying that /tp jump was bugged to kill you by jumping you into lava. I am unable to test that.

/tp help shows no help to me. It show the start of the help text, but nothing is under it. Is it broken?

Oops! Sorry, I did a typo on your name. That should be fixed now.

I’m aware of the spawn protection issue. The zone was lost during the transfer so I need to rezone it again when I get the chance. I haven’t ever had a problem with /tp jump though it has been known to TP you through the ground in some circumstances. Maybe it needs an update?

I’m an op the classic server but I didn’t go through the proper application process, will I have to fill out an application to become an op on the beta server or can I get op straight away?

i was opon classic also can i please be the same on the smp server