Rank Question

I think that some people can post all the ways to earn each rank because I have gone through 3 ranks already, but im curious that what could I do to get a certain rank.

That is the main question ill ask for a while because Ive been asking myself that question for a while now.

You dont have to do guest because everybody already had that rank anyways.

Im hoping a person who has been on here for a great amount of time to answer to answer this question because they have almost gone through all the ranks.

If there already is a place to know this information please tell me where it is.

I think it should also count on building skill and social skills. This will keep jerks form advancing :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to clarify, we are talking about Server Ranks, Correct?
if so they are mentioned in the boards of PCB you know XD

Ive read that and I need a more detailed kinda thing, so I made this thread.

uhhhhhh… if we ranked people up to trusted because of their builds many of the people here today wont actually be “Trusted”. I suck at building. Since you have all the possible ranks that dont include a staff app you have really no ranks to earn.

i dont know if my post made any sense but i didnt quite see what you were trying to say.

I thought since the server is about building that higher ranks should know how to build moderately well.

No, trusted means trusted, no two ways about it.

Project City Build may be a minecraft server, but advancement in it is not based upon your building capabilities. Advancement is based on how you interact with the community. As it said on the link Shadowmeire kindly provided, Trusted rank is earned by being exactly that- trusted. You have to be around for a bit to earn the trust of the community. Staff ranks are similarly not based on how well you can play minecraft, but rather for how mature and responsible you are, traits necessary for actually “moderating” or “operating” a community, to keep it safe and running.
If you want to rank up in PCB, do not push for it. Just be a productive and friendly member of the community. It takes time to develop a perspective of someone, and that perspective is formed from your everyday actions.

Thats what I thought because I have been on the server for just like 2 weeks, but I know that people cant just expect them selfs to get trusted.

Referencing the Ranks Page:

"The trusted rank is awarded to (non-staff) members of the community who are exactly that - trusted. Generally speaking it is awarded based on play time and/or to those who have earnt trust within the community. With it brings access to a huge range of useful commands and perks. "

Thus to attain the rank of trusted as stated by Meta, you must be quite active, kind to others as well as being trust-worthy. Thus do not even expect this rank below activity of 2 months in most cases.

Just a side note: As a donator you receive all the perks of a Trusted-ranked person…

P.S.S. Trusted is the highest obtainable rank for most people. You must be an excellent candidate to EVER be considered for staff, though one can apply…

P.S.S.S. Please use proper grammar when creating new threads. I have a hard time understanding some of your statements/questions.

Yep! Just keep at it Ian, I’ve been on for around 3 1/2 months with no trouble and I haven’t obtained Trusted yet, it takes time. Good luck with it though! :smiley:

P.S.S.S.S What meta said

Well actually, on the classic, the first couple ranks ARE determined by skill.

All of the ranks on classic are based on building skill besides staff (also trainee op)

Ah, that much is true. I made the fault of assuming this was directed at SMP/CMP and not considering classic. Staff still follows the same general guidelines, however.

I was gonna add that classic follows a different basis for promotion. We have a thread for that in the… I can’t find it. Hmm, I see that Fatso used to have one stickied, but it has been gone for a long time.

Okay, I will cobble up a new one from and old discussion staff had. Check the FAQ thread under classic soon.