Random lucky day! [SMP]

One on random day on smp, maybe we could have a map like survival island etc! that would be awesome :smiley:

That would be cool :slight_smile:

Yeah that would be really fun would be good to have it planned tho

Yeah, do it for a special event or something, like have a themed survival map. A bit like when there used to be holiday themed roads on creative xD

On a side note, now for special occasions/when we feel like it, we will be putting in random ‘disasters’ in guestcity. The most recent ones were:
road going from top tear into a huge pit in the ground.
Ship crashed into lower tear from water.

Yea that sounds like an interesting idea.

i’m all for it just notify me if you want me to come and help :open_mouth:

lol, I love the idea of epic disasters. How about when we get our airport up, we have a crashed plane in spawn? Debris all over? Oh, what about a reenactment of Jurassic Park’s T-Rex in the city scene. We can have a crash at the docks too.

Lots of fun little ideas here…

How about when the city’s up, a day of permanent night. Slimes and zombies roaming the streets, thunderstorms and lightning!

Without Flymod?? Lol I would die so many times. I really like the ideas of custom maps for a day for “teambuilding” lol

The Apocalypse?!

Yea that sounds awesome!

My mind is going CRAZY with ideas here…

If we do some of this stuff its going to be fucking epic xD

That permanent night would be good for Halloween!

Halloween is too far off liam!

and then we can only use stone swords! MUAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAH we would all die, maybe we get some bos and arrows from admins ;D ;D ;D just messin or am i?

[sub]PS im not 8)[/sub]

I have an idea… When we are done with BigCityV2. Notch Might have the nether out. And we could create a Flat patch in the Nether and Paste a copy of big city there. then seal the walls of with glass.


We can do a Battle. The Ops, admins, nek. Can have a battle against everyone else.
It would be like each op/admin/Nek has there own ability. Flight/Burn/Lightning/SuperSpeed/Regeneration and the players can revive but The Ops/admins/Nek are gone when they are deafeted


Haha that would be really fun… I think we should start a list and actually put dates for the days so everyone can participate

LOL nek is an own individual rank!

He is the only SOP

Poor nek…

Maybe if some people worked more, they’d manage to get promoted to my rank.