Rainbow griefing and new advbuilders?

I just made this badly needed board. Anyway, buildercity had some massive builds that were turned to rainbow blocks. It was either a massive area cuboid, or several large ones. I already fixed the builds I found affected by copying them from the museum.

What I can do is find names of people who used the rainbow command.

(20:15:18) im_the_girl20 used /rainbow - I doubt it was her. She was chatting about it as she made it.

(11:09:36) Curserapper used /rainbow - Maybe. He was upset his build disappeared. He was in buildercity when he used the command. Used it MANY times.

(21:49:29) jesse9 used /rainbow
(21:50:23) cow_bob used /rainbow - Does not seem like it.

(04:24:15) Xx1DforeverxX used /rainbow

(07:15:16) brodster199 used /rainbow - used several times as well. Interesting, arkger banned this player. Undid him too.

(08:40:24) burgalybungus used /rainbow - Many uses too.

(09:04:24) ConnorTracy used /rainbow - Same. Also interesting, EPIC_LOL_GUY said “He keeps making everything rainbow”. We may have a witness.

It really looks like we have our man. LOL guy commented about the rainbow tower that Connor did. It was not his build, nor the builds near it.

The other thing I wanted to ask is how pogi21 and brickfilmer got advbuilder rank. For brick at least, I can see why he would get the rank. Pogi on the other hand, is really questionable. He does not seems to communicate well and the build he showed me was builder rank quality.

With the ranking, it wasn’t me. I haven’t promoted anyone to above builder except shadowmeire (to OP).

All these promotions to adv+… its getting rather silly, most of the people ive seen with these ranks are not worthy of the rank (atleast not as of yet)

The rainbow command might need to be upped a rank it seems.

Hey! I was on when they were doing there ranbow junk. There was a lot of talk about it but I had NO clue they were greifing. Another op was around this time and he was aww. Maybe he did the promoting

I raised rainbow to builder rank. It was set to guest… it’s the equivalent of cuboid really.

As for pogi21, does anyone know him? It seems he has been one for 1 day, 12 hours so far. Someone must have liked him.

well i know it wasn’t me XD im pretty cluless with the Classic commands for OP… i really need to do my HW on the subject