R4z3nBLD - 27th of February, 2016


Minecraft Username R4z3nBLD

Date of Ban 27th of February, 2016
Server Survival/Creative
Banned by wooly19

Reason for Ban building w/ out perms

Reason to be Unbanned Hello its me again,
I just wanted to tell u guys all my activities on ur server maybe it can halp unban me. so the most of the time i built w/ ghostsh1fter i just helped him removing a lot of areas and replacing grounds i also built a little office because i thought about making an service (help other ppl). so then i often built w/ and for Fallen maiden i built some houses and then for kingofsweden i buiult a hotel. for mount i built a lil fastfood restaurant in the underground. i helped vexnorz continiuung a road. and i dont no who it was but i helped this guy to finish of the roof of an station. i built an office skyscraper for jah. so i freakin love ur server and i would love to play on it. the concept w/ this citybuild is so cool so i beg u to unban me.
and im sorry if i did anything wrong. please give me a second chance. greeting R4z3n.

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26th of February, 2016

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