Quick warning regarding Pokécenters

If you are planning on having a large pokécenter, for the love of all that’s good and holy, please limit yourself to at the very most one trading machine! They produce extraordinary amounts of lag, rendering the game unplayable if there’s more than one or two in your field of view. The same applies (to a lesser extent) for PCs and Healers. Vending machines don’t seem to produce much lag at all, but better safe than sorry.

Fossil machines are just as bad. These things just have some bad, bad rendering. Hence why I haven’t put any in the Lochrock PokeCenter yet.

What we will do then, to make this simple, is on one of the routes we will make a central town as a Trading and Fossil Cleaning/ Extraction hub.

Make Pokemon centers in each town, but only with 3 Healers tops, and one PC. maybe Vending machines, and to fill in empty space, add in NPCs. Maybe a trader asking for something but it will trade you a Starter pokemon that you couldn’t get (Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, Chickorita, Mudkip, Treeko, Piplup, Chimchar, Tepig, Oshawott, and Snivy are ok)
Add in NPCs that say something pertaining to locations of mini dungeons (ice cave, dragons den, etc)

This way we will only have the super lag in one area, and not in each town

Sorry if this is off topic, but, Does pixelmon have the mechanics for a safari or nah

Mmm, no not really. You could make a paid button warp into an area with Pokespawners with exclusive Pokemon, but there would be no easy way to limit the time they spent in there. Also the fact you would have to make it fully enclosed or limited so people couldn’t fly in.

Just put up barrier blocks around the outsider perimeter.

Some Servers do strictly Safari tbh, and it works out well. Like you go out with a time limit and pokeballs, catch the best mons you can, and then battle at the end. Last person standing wins XD

But, this isn’t the server we’re trying to make, so not gonna work. Basically, currently no real way to do a safari for now.

I honestly dont understand why Safari has to have a Time Limit. They didn’t have one in ORAS, iirc, and it was free as well

Just make it so they have to pay like $1500 to enter, and can only use Safari Balls, by using a command block that strips their inv if the walk in with anything on them, and then have Safari Balls on the inside for purchase

No Shadow. I do not want to strip their inventory from them as there will be those players who will accidentally go in there and lose all their shit. I don’t care if ORAS didn’t have it, Pixelmon is NOT the same as the handheld games. Maybe in the future, but currently I don’t see this working out well. Especially since we do not know for sure what we’re doing about where players can actually build.

So put a sign up before the pressure plate that says be sure you have nothing in your INV before proceeding. Its honestly not that hard.

We had Safari Zones and Safari Events in the old server i took care of, and everything went well, and we had no issues.
Make the Zone semi hidden, and then we can have an area for ‘Events’ where everyone is basically Jailed, so they cannot use commands, and admins fly around and just /pokespawn pokemon in. Pokemon are not allowed to be battled, and if so, they get unjailed and not allowed to participate any further