Quick build competition

[size=18pt]Greetings players of Project City Build Minecraft Community Server,

PenguinJ2 has built a quick build arena in the creative world in which i have contributed a little.
We already completed a quick build challenge between me and Peng and few members judged our quick builds to decide who wins.

We then decided that we should host a quick build competition and post in the forums to ask permission from staff to host it and to notify the players about it.

[size=14pt]The rules
[size=10pt]*Players should not disturb the stone brick floor, they should place grass or any other flooring of their will by themselves. Filling the entire plot with floor is not required.

*Players should destroy the builds after the game is over and the winner is announced

*Players should only build related to the topic, no vulgar builds or offensive builds

*For every match, the winner gets 1 point and the loser loses 1 point. If it’s a draw on votes there will be a 1 minute challenge to decide who wins on a somewhat easy topic that involves not building skill but imagination.

*Official quick build games in the contest can be started by informing Furleone or Penguinj2 when they’re online

The current leaderboard is:
Furleone : 1
Penguinj2: -1

The Quick build arena is located at : x:495,z:512 just near /warp cspawn

Anyone who would like to play can post here.