Questions about Voting

I’ve been voting quite often and here are a couple of things I’ve noticed:

[ol][li]Has the $100 prize thing been fixed yet?[/li]
[li]If/when it is how will the double vote work (if you register it votes once and then 12 hours later)[/li]
[li]Is anybody going to turn on enable-query?, that message is seriously annoying[/li]
[li]By the looks of things the server hasn’t actually been claimed.[/li][/ol]

I thought they were giving us free diamonds until the voting was fixed?

Try clicking the voting button…
I actually think you should get 2 free diamonds instead of the money because right now I can turn those diamonds into money if I want but I can also use them.

You get 2 free diamonds each day in the market.

I know but I was saying that I think that you should be given 2 diamonds per vote (=per day) and have an option of selling them or you can keep them, because I personally would much rather have diamonds than money. I have done several physical trades involving resources but with the exception of my shop, very few with PCB money.

This is exactly what happens now, except the voting bit.

I know Ohai. (ahem… 5 still unanswered questions above)

At the moment, staff are all yalking about changing the current voting system. We promise progress is being made. We dont post this kinda stuff for everyone to see since we dont want to bombard you with information.