Myself and some other server members were talking about theft earlier, and then heard that stealing from unlocked chests is legal? Can someone please varify that stealing is legal or illegal from unlocked chests. Thanks.

It’s legal to an extent. If a staff member sees you stealing, and doesn’t like it, they are allowed to ban you. If the items you steal raise question to if you cheated, then you could be banned. So it’s legal, just highly frowned upon. So be careful if you do find an unlocked chest.

You are allowed to steal from an unlock chest, but are not allowed to grief to get to said chest. So say you have an unlocked chest in your house and your door is locked and someone griefs in your house to get to your chest, thats against the rules. But if your door is unlocked and your chest is unlocked they can steal from you.

So, it would be a smart idea to lock your chests.

If it’s legal then why are they allowed to ban you if they see you do it? Or have the suspision?

i would be one of those staff members. just remember to use the same moral code that you use irl, while playing MC, it will be a much more fun enviornment for everyone thatn way.

I don’t steal, but I was curious about the subject do to an earlier conversation over theft. Thanks.

It’s legal, but no one likes it. To sum it up:

  • You may steal from chests if they’re not locked
  • You may not steal from chests if you have to grief or break in to get to it

When we transferred the map over the chest protections didn’t transfer with it which is why there’s some confusion at the moment. If you come across a chest which has say diamond or iron blocks in it, honestly it’s best you leave it be as that chest was most likely locked in the previous map.