Quest Map Updates

I’ll be keeping my quest map updates here, I also am posting links to their download sources.

Mod Pack:

1% Map:

Modpack is simple to install, just replace it with your current minecraft.jar, if you get tired of it or need to uninstall it just force update it!

What kind of mods are in the mod pack?


CustomNPCs- From Noppes

Twilight Forest Mod

Ferullo’s Mod- From Ferullo

Derpy Squid Mod- From Resinresin

A couple glitched and do not work, No worries, they don’t affect the gameplay. :stuck_out_tongue:


Added two custom mobs: Shambling Dead, and Walking Bones.

More to come.

Dungeon Update!

Portal Update!


Two Dungeon Mobs added:

Dungeon Brawler, Undead Librarian.

More to come!

Can you please stop making new threads just make a sticky thread.

Semi, its the same thread but each post has a different title.

God my second map is at .01%…You must have a ton of freetime to waste.

Request: Can you add Damage Indicator mod?

Sure no problem, send me a link and I’ll see what I can do with it.

I’m sorry guys, I can’t work on the project until all the mods are updated… :-[

Why not? Why dont you build while you wait?

I can’t build, for I would loose all of my NPC data, I’ll put this way, the world is suspended, if I try to go in I’ll corrupt it.