Minecraft Username: quantumnucleus

Date of Ban: 22-06-2019 (not sure if this is the actual date, just when i tried to access)

Banned by: I don’t know

Reason for Ban: I was banned for griefing/ Inappropriate builds.

Reason to be Unbanned: I am not sure what the build was which has caused this ban, the last thing i built on the server was a giant skin of the portal 2 character Chell. She was fully clothed and was not doing anything inappropriate, she was just standing normally. otherwise the only builds i have done are buildings. I am not aware that anything i have built could be mistaken as either offensive or inappropriate. I was working on two amazing projects at the time of my ban, with 2-3 other members of the community, i have searched for a long time for a server such as this one, and i really don’t want to lose it now, i have so much more that i want to give long term to this server. That’s all, thank you.

Previous appeals: I have never been banned before.

Cavemaker pointed out about 3 buildings very close/in his city that you built, he said all three were not authorized by him and I believe he said that he already told you to not build in his city. One of the builds was a big sign saying penis beside his subs, the second build was a gigantic skin, as you said, that was hovering 20 blocks approx ontop of his city. and third, an octopus looking house in the middle of his city. Now it wasn’t that major. But can I ask you why did you only tell me about your skin that you built in the city and not the other two? And didnt you see a city right beside the builds you did?

okay, i was not aware of anyone telling me not to build somewhere, i said about the skin because it was the only thing i had built when cavemaker wasn’t around, the buildings i had built in the city were there because i remembered being invited to build in the city, helping to build road and building a white house with a garage underneath, i then began a project on the coloured building i built in the city, which has tunnels underneath it… when i built the skin i knew it looked out of place and was prepared to be asked to remove it, which i would happily do, but i was just getting creative, as i had done so in other areas of the world, i have explained the “penis” situation, that was me leaving my laptop unattended for about 40 minutes at college… you can fill in the blanks there :roll_eyes: I will happily rectify the builds and destroy them, in future it might be nice to know where i can and cant build, in terms of in the cities, as i wasn’t aware that i was not authorised to do so. I amm sorry for the “penis”, and for building in his city.

Consider this a warning, and I highly recommend you to look at the rules before playing on the server as it clearly states there what are the rules for building next to towns etc.
About the “penis” incident, it is your fault and it is your responsibility to secure your laptop/pc when not around it, because anything your account does is your fault.

You are now unbanned, but I highly recommend for you to read the rules and to make sure no one touches your laptop when unattended

Thank you