Pvp server?

In the accepted suggestions there is a suggestion about a base building server with fire spread on. is this out yet? ???

And to not be a complete arse with the response, we’re in the planning stages of this. Don’t expect anything any time soon.

ok cuz the suggestion was posted in MAY. thats why i was asking.

I’m really excited 4 this server

staff is doing stuff just wait >,>

This stuff doesn’t happen over night. A surprising amount of work and planning goes into making a sever.

Tell me about it XD all the coooooooding and aaaaaaadmin and woooooooooooork eeeettttcccc…

And since 1.8, we’ve had to rewrite a couple of our plugins.

Be patient until an official post is made regarding this matter.

TL;DR = Hold your horses, we got this.