PVP Game

So when this ban issue is resolved i was thinking of maybe clearing my map pocky-chan and making the map a pvp game… should I? i might save some of the builds on the map but other than that i dont really care about it anymore.

You were banned Anima? Why? Lol, sure, I’m sure I could put my landscaping skills to the test! :slight_smile:

I have no idea why I was banned >:( lol i havent been on since you got pro last night…apparently sword banned me for greifing? it might have been the accidental flood in banzais map but that was resolved

I sorry about the ban Ani. Sword should have posted something to us if he banned a “regular” member like you. I will still wait a day for sword to respond. If he does not, I will unban you.

Sword can’t get on the forums at the moment, not sure why. I’ll find more details if I see him, and post them in the other thread.

Thank you kyle! I appreciate the help :smiley:

Since this thread was so derailed, I will just lock it. If you want to discuss the PVP map, make a new thread.