PVP 2-a-side

Hi there, I’m Twan. Have u ever wanted to let your competitive side out on PCB? Well now is your time to shine.

PvP, teams of 2 couldnt be any simpler. This will take place in Arcachon so each team will start at different ends of the city and find each other.

I shall give each player a bow, stack of arrows, and 5 steak ( and a certain coloured hat )

Last remaining team wins moves on to the next round.

There might be pools or just straight knockout stages depending on response.

Want to enter? Free! Post below your two members and i will make a draw.

Technicalities: no armour, flying disabled, no other items or potions. Further details will be published.

Winner gets some sort of cash prize and a stack of tnt

Why not after all eh?

No Swords? :’( :’( :’(

I have to pay to play? :o

Ideally yes cause then the winner gets a big incentive but if u guys dont mind not getting much reward then i guess it doesnt have to be paid entries

Ill make it 100 per person to enter

You should get colored leather helmets for each team.


I will enter :slight_smile:

Should pre-organized teams come, as opposed to individuals?

Ideally yes but worst comes to worst i can pair people up…

Im sure Fry will do it with me

Bump to see if anyones interested cause only one pair is taking part…otherwise nvm

I might be interested. Give people some time to form teams. Better yet, make a registration deadline.

ideally i would make an event like you did for the terragon invitational pvp but i dont have access to that i dont think