Pumpkin assasins

As you guys know there r now 2 assasin guilds The Assasins and us many people have recruited against them but we shall prevail post if u want to join or not if u do not u will be our target spies in the pumpkin assasins will be killed.

This is starting to sound a lot like factions :confused:

You can’t kill people because they don’t join you fyi… I have no intention of starting the assassins for war, I started it in about 1.7, because I felt like it. When the mages came around, I decided to start it again.
If you do declare war on us, we will fight you, and we will prevail.
Also, if you kill innocent players you will be attacked.

threatining maybye u have a chance in this war HA HA HA HA HA HA

Zing, if you wanna be the assassin’s TRUE enemys, think about calling yourselves the Templars d:

I think we’ll have to teach the definition of ‘outnumbered’ to you.

AKA, you gonna DIE mate!

Bro, the war was a while ago xD -coughtheygotpwnedcough-

xD i dont bother with dates, there was a recent post xD