Prymont airport dilema

So, prymont is a bit boxed in as shown by this image:

Now, this is a tiny bit of a problem if I want to build an airport, as there isn’t much room for a runway. Here are the two main options I came up with

Their problems however are their proximity to other towns.

The first, The eye of the sea was made by two players who I am fairly certain haven’t been on since March. (crep_, marker_b)

The second, “little prymont” was made by a new player (littlespacefoxx), who hasn’t been on since February.

So my question is which of the two options, if any, are possibilities for my airport’s runway?

make an aircraft carrier in the sky with platforms and all =P

crep_ is still inactive, but marker_b pops in from time to time.

also, the original plan was to have a Belport/Prymont International Airport. That plan died quicker than Belport itself did. If you decide to make an airport in that open field between Prymont and Belport, I’ll be happy to help because im somewhat obliged to. I owe you this one, as I dropped the original project.

because after all, We’re all in this together.
NOOOOO - sincerely, asmo.

First thing I have to say, congrats on getting Trusted, VirBinarus, I think you deserved it. Second, if you are looking into building an airport (specifically an international airport), then I have some good news for you, VirBinarus. I have an airport, Freehold International, that is under construction, and you can help me finish it. :smiley: I don’t know what to say about Prymont’s plan of having an airport. Yomigaere’s idea of a floating aircraft carrier is the best option, for now. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, just no. That franchise was popular everywhere, when I was young, and I’m thankful that Disney no longer makes sequels to that franchise anymore. I want to forget that franchise was a thing.

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