Proposal to PCBAir

RE: Proposal to PCBAir
To: PCBT Staff (@Amphitryon, @TheOctopus)

Hello PCBT Staff,

I have a proposal to PCBAir.

As part of ICAO standards within the global airline industry I believe we should do the same. Hence, I am proposing:

[ul][li]All Airports will be designated a 4-character code e.g. NBAX for the Current Bayside Miltary Project[/li]
[li]All Aircraft will have a string code for their identification e.g. BA-B777 for a Boeing 777 belonging to Bayside Airlines[/li]
[li]Airports will have the option to display STARS and SIDS information.[/li]
[li]Flight Restrictions (e.g. construction of aircraft by height) will be announced by Mayors of each Major City[/li][/ul]

This will allow better identification of what is going on along PCBAir. If this is moved forward, I will be happy to assist in managing the proposed standards.

Mayor of New Bayside
Director of Bayside Advanced Systems

I now pronounce you man and air.

What do you mean @Petroliam?

If my starcruiser has a hangar bay for fighter craft, can it be listed as both an aircraft, and an airport? :stuck_out_tongue:

ummmm… Starcruisers will be classified as ships.

An airport has to have at least 3’gates’, 1 terminal, 1 ATC tower, and has to on the ground by definition.

im liking this idea

Thank you for your suggestion.

We’re currently working on an Amendment to PCB Transport regarding air and sea ports.
This suggestion will be examined after the current amendment has been dealt with.


Was wondering what is happening to this proposal.