Proposal of Khaos5hadow and Marmuffin <3 (Click or die)

So, Khaos and Marmuffin are getting married! :DD Heres a picture of the proposal. Information will not be posted by me, but they requested me to post this into the forums so if you want to know more ask Khaos5hadow or Marmuffin :slight_smile:

(Apology for the size, too big to put in but i will try and fix it later :slight_smile: )

Woah! Calm down on the editing. Its too strong for us! lol

aw how cute! <3

Not going. Last time i went to a wedding i was killed…

We believe in tough love. XD

What is it with you lot and weddings recently? hah.



lol Niko maybe PCB is growing to be a more loving server. [size=8pt]we will see how long these marriages last! what? JK hae a good wedding you 2

YAY MY BEST FRIENDS GETTING MARRIED xD Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I can’t wait.


I feel that people are getting married just for the sake of getting married and that is kinda sad.


Nah man, it’s just some fun, it’s just banter. If you dont wanna see people having fun, then by all means dig a hole and live in it. Nothing wrong with people having a laugh and enjoying life.

Might do some fireworks for this too!

I can’t help but laugh at that. Not in a mean way, just mine and your ideas of banter are very different. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just laughing to myself here. Jedi, did you realize that our weddings can and have occurred between two guys? Not that I care, but I thought others did. lol

If you’re talking about Cherry and YMB, I’m almost certain everybody thought cherry was a girl…

Probably won’t be able to attend because of exams and stuffs :frowning: